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A Women's led adaptation to climate change project wins the 2008 SEED Awards

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  • thais corral
    The Pintadas Solar project wins the SEED AWARD 2008 ... -- Thais Corral Coordenadora REDEH - CEMINA Rua Alvaro Alvim, 21/16 andar Rio de Janeiro - 20031-010
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2008

       The Pintadas Solar project wins the SEED AWARD 2008
       The project Pintadas Solar is one of the five winners of the SEED Award 2008. The initiative SEED (www.seedinit.org) is a network  is a global network for action on sustainable development partnerships, founded by IUCN, UNDP and UNEP, to deliver concrete progress towards the internationally-agreed, inspirational goals in the UN's Millennium Declaration and the commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002.
      Pintadas Solar has been selected among about 400 projects coming from over 100 countries of the world and has gained the award because of its innovative strategy that promotes the use of adequate technologies for irrigation and water pumping. The objective is to strengthen small-scale farming, improve local food security and create income in the growing Brazilian biofuel market. One of the most important objectives of the project is to develop strategies of adaptation to climate change for semi-arid regions where droughts and high temperatures are already making the situation critical for small farmers.
      The project bears the name of the municipality where it has been developed. It has 11 thousands people and is located at about 250 km from Salvador, Bahia state. In Pintadas, almost all the  1.600 rural households have access to water through water cisterns that collect rainwater. Moreover there are over 50 artificial surface water reservoirs that allow the development of small-scale irrigation systems. These two components together with the strong local community organization have attracted the interest of external partners during the piloting phase of 2006-2008. Pintadas Solar is the result of a partnership of local partners in Pintadas, the Brazilian  NGO REDEH (www.redeh.org.br) and  SouthSouthNorth ( www.southsouthnorth.org) a global network that promotes adaptation and mitigation projects to climate change.   The initial partnership has also included the research institute Ambiente Italia (www.ambienteitalia.it) and initial funding have been provided by the Cariplo Foundation and by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
      The SEED award has arrived at the right time, when the project has concluded its piloting phase and is ready to be scaled up and gain a more substantial impact in the municipality and in the region by offering a replicable model for regions that have similar challenges. The SEED Initiative offers support to develop technical support, business planning, articulation with networks of possible funders.  The vision is that a good "seed" has germinated  and could grow also in other territories. 
      The ceremony of the SEED Award 2008 will be in Salvador , Bahia, on the 26th of November. Time and location still have to be defined. 
      For more information about the Pintadas Solar project, please refer to the website: www.pintadas-solar.org
      Thais Corral , Director of Partnerships and Implementation Strategies
      Daniele Cesano, Director of Technology and Strategies

      Thais Corral
      Coordenadora REDEH - CEMINA
      Rua Alvaro Alvim, 21/16 andar
      Rio de Janeiro - 20031-010
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