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FW: Sustainability Training Update!

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    FW: PLEASE PASS ON: Sustainability Training Update! Posted by: Tara DePorte taradeporte@hotmail.com Sat Dec 2, 2006 10:52 am (PST) Dear
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      FW: PLEASE PASS ON: Sustainability Training Update!

      Posted by: "Tara DePorte" taradeporte@...
      Sat Dec 2, 2006 10:52 am (PST)

      Dear Friends and Supporters!

      Phase 1 of the 2006-2007 NYC Women‚s Sustainability and Leadership Training:
      A Preparation for the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-15) is
      progressing with remarkable successes! We continue to gain impressive
      partners in funding, in-kind contributions, as well as expert advice from
      organizations such as the Huairou Commission, NASA, Women‚s Network for a
      Sustainable Future, the Earth Institute, United Nations, United Nations
      Development Program, a diverse group of NYC colleges and universities, and
      many more.

      You are invited to experience and track the progress of our program at
      http://www.LESECUN.org where you will find detailed program background
      information, „lookbooks‰ of participants and experts, thematic documents,
      and audio recordings, photos, and presentations of each of our meetings! We
      also invite you to „Join the Dialogue‰ and register for participation in
      feedback and information-sharing on our site.

      Working together, the Lower East Side Ecology Center (LESEC)˜a community
      based non-profit organization serving the waste reduction, stewardship, and
      environmental education needs of New Yorkers˜and Women‚s Global Green Action
      Network (WGGAN)˜an international non-profit dedicated to helping women
      strengthen their alliances and leadership abilities for impacting
      environmental and social change˜have launched this pilot program as an
      innovative approach towards gender equity and women‚s leadership through
      knowledge-sharing, mentorship, research, and multi-sectoral dialogues.
      Including women leaders from grassroots organizations, research
      institutions, businesses, and political bodies, our mission is to further
      link grassroots knowledge and experience with international policy

      Your partnership and feedback will help facilitate the NYC Women‚s
      Sustainability and Leadership Training, increasing the access of
      international grassroots participants to the substance of CSD-15 and of all
      participants to the realities of environmental policy from „local to
      global.‰ We thank you, in advance, for your support and look forward to
      working with you on this initiative.


      Tara DePorte
      U.N. Liaison & Regional Coordinator - Women‚s Global Green Action Network
      Program Director - Lower East Side Ecology Center
      Tel: +001.212.477.4022
      tara@... <mailto:tara%40lesecologycenter.org>

      Stay tuned for progress reports on Phase 1 and the official launch of Phase
      2 Women‚s Grassroots Academy in January 2007!
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