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Call for Experts! 2006-2007 NYC Young Women’s S ustainability and Leadership Training

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  • Tara DePorte
    ...  ... Dear Women, I am sending to you information on our upcoming program this year in connection with CSD-15.  It would be wonderful if you could
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Dear Women,

      I am sending to you information on our upcoming program this year in connection with CSD-15.  It would be wonderful if you could forward this call for experts to any/all interested parties and networks.  We are currently outreaching for partner organizations and individuals to aid in the actual training of Phases 1 and 2 of the project, as well as other inputs/ comments from experienced individuals in the field(s).  As you will see, I have attached the application for Phase 1 participation (ST2006Application) and the full program description (EnvSustainability2006Final).  Please, feel free to contact me with any questions/comments or input and I very much look forward to hearing from you.


      Tara DePorte
      U.N. Liaison and Regional Coordinator
      Women's Global Green Action Network 
      Program Director
      Lower East Side Ecology Center
      P.O. Box 20488
      New York, NY 10009
      +001 212 477 4022 phone
      +001 646 932 4283 cellular


       2006 NYC Young Women’s Sustainability and Leadership Training:

      A preparation for the 2006 Commission on Sustainable Development


      Convened by Women’s Global Green Action Network

      In partnership with Lower East Side Ecology Center


      Dear Colleagues,


      Women’s Global Green Action Network (WGGAN) and the Lower East Side Ecology Center (LESEC) are partnering to develop a Sustainability Training Initiative that will culminate in a 2-day Women’s Grassroots Academy training and preparatory session for international grassroots women.  Participants in the Grassroots Academy will be comprised of grassroots women registered for, and who will be attending, the Commission on Sustainable Development-15, which is held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Preparations for this session will begin with hands-on training of young women from New York City in key issues of sustainability and international environmental policy development.
      Learning from, and working alongside, experts in the areas of Water and Sanitation, Energy, Climate and Environmental Policy, these women will then be responsible for research, data compilation, and outreach development of key materials, contacts, networks, and background information in the relevant sectors prior to CSD-15. After their training program, these young women will be prepared to meet with international grassroots women participating in the two-day Women’s Grassroots Academy preceding CSD-15.  Furthermore, these young women will not only be assisting and facilitating the preparatory process, but will also be registered as official WGGAN participants in CSD-15.
      We are currently looking for experts in water and sanitation, energy, climate change, and environmental policy and activism. Specifically, we would like to find people who can speak to the following components of these topics:

      Key background science

      Key impacts

      Key policy relating to topic

      Applicable technologies/initiatives in topic (including case studies)

      Each expert will work with program directors to develop curriculum and to lead training sessions in his or her area of expertise. In Phase 1 of the program, each expert will be working with a group of about twenty participants and will be asked to donate a total of approximately 10 hours over the course of the year.  Ideally, experts will also be available for Q&A and workshop intensives during the Women’s Grassroots Academy, as well.
      In order to make the process as sustainable and replicable as possible, we are currently only accepting recommendations of NYC-based experts or individuals/groups who are willing to cover their own travel-related expenses. For more information, please contact Tara DePorte at tara@... or (212) 477-4022.  Downloadable applications and full program descriptions are available at the following link: http://lesecologycenter.org/sustainabilitytraining2006.html 

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