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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      World Youth Report 2003ICYO - Youth Information------------- Youth
      Information Newsletter ------ from ---------
      ------------Indian Committee of Youth Organizations, India
      ++++++ World Youth Report 2003
      Report tacks in depth analysis and the concerns of the youth in the
      developing countries.
      It's good to be young - if you live in an industrialized nation. But AIDS,
      armed conflict and poverty have taken a heavy toll on the vast majority of
      the 1.1 billion youths worldwide, according to the U.N. report. Young men
      and women between the ages of 15 and 24 years are better educated than
      previous generations and have access to more information via computers and
      other media, but 133 million remain illiterate and 130 million children are
      not in school, according to the World Youth Report 2003 released by United

      The 408-page World Youth Report, the first comprehensive U.N. attempt to
      examine the global situation of young people since 1995, fail to fulfill its
      objective as its more focus on developed countries rather than global,
      report itself accepted this fact. The report explain the reason in chapter
      15 "The lack of data relating to certain fields in developing countries, as
      well as the problems of data comparability, are challenging the research
      community to develop a system of global indicators as well as qualitative
      research methods in order to build a truly global picture of the situation
      of youth." The obvious dominance of the Western school/tradition of youth
      research is one of the key challenges to be addressed in the future, given
      the fact that the majority of young people are living in developing

      Here it is important because, as per report 85 percent of the youths live in
      developing countries and 22.5 percent of them survived on less than US$1 a
      day (in 2000).

      6,000 - 7,000 Young people become infected with HIV every day - WYR 2004
      The Report mentions some the major threat (problem) face by youth. One is
      AIDS that has transformed the lives of children and youth all over the
      world. An average of between 6,000 and 7,000 young people become infected
      with HIV every day.

      The report called for more programs to prevent AIDS and stop drugs use and
      greater involvement of youth in decision-making. "Young people can be
      dynamic agents of social change, taking an active role in combating these
      problems, but they must be given the right tools to work with," the report
      UNESCO Dhaka: Out-of-school adolescents learning needs
      In March 2004, the UNESCO Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, organized a
      sub-regional workshop on policy issues concerning the learning needs of
      out-of-school adolescents. The seminar was based on a situational analysis
      of out-of-school adolescents in South Asia and on the lessons learnt from
      the implementation of an interdisciplinary UNESCO Pilot Project pertaining
      to the organization's cross-cutting theme 'Eradication of poverty'.

      Partnerships have been made with local youth NGOs, who are in charge of the
      Monitoring and Evaluation component of the project. ICYO is one of the
      partner and Mr. Raavi Narayan, Secretary General attended the seminar.
      New Youth & Sport Minister in India
      Shri Manmohan Singh, New Prime Minister of India appoint Mr. Sunil Dutt as
      Cabinet Minister for Youth & Sport. Mr Sunil Dutt assumed his office at
      Shashtri Bhavan on May 25.2004

      Actor turn politician Mr Dutt said "For me, the youth of the country is the
      future. I believe that the country can make great strides by inspiring the
      youth and instill the feeling of nationalism and oneness the country. I'll
      be striving to achieve this." Mr Dutt told in press conference after
      assuming the office. "I've always felt one with the youth. That's why no
      older man is with me. I'am always surrounded by young. People always ask me
      about my age. I say openly that I'm 25 plus. Age is mental," Dutt said
      Youth Across Asia: A New Initiative
      A new initiative to transfer skills and capabilities among young people
      through volunteering has been launched by the Commonwealth Youth Programme
      (CYP) at meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 30 April to 2 May
      Girls Get Lessons on Empowerment
      CRY and Nav Shristi organized the workshop in month of May 2004 to make
      adolescent girls aware of their rights. An attempt to empower young girls,
      this intensive workshop hopes to familiarize them with the choices available
      so that they become a force within their own families and the community and
      giving young girls an opportunity to have a voice in their future.

      The aim of the workshop was to start a chain so that young women are able to
      spread the message further and motivate their peers to take a step closer to
      empowerment. Apart from raising awareness among young girls, the workshop
      intends to facilitate the process of formation of a federation of
      adolescents. Once the federation is formed, these groups will be able to get
      their voices heard and press for their demands, feel the organizers.

      India is poorly prepared for the "tidal wave" of the disease: AIDS official
      A senior international health official warned that HIV/AIDS is growing into
      a "catastrophic epidemic" in India, the world's second most populous

      India is also poorly prepared for the "tidal wave" of the disease the
      country is facing, Richard Feachem, Executive Director of the Global Fund to
      fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria told journalists on May 11,2004.

      "The Indian epidemic is rapidly becoming the largest epidemic in the world,"
      Feachem said. "There is nothing in place in India today which is of a scale
      or of a seriousness which will prevent a catastrophic epidemic unfolding."

      About 3.8 to 4.6 million people are estimated to be HIV positive in India,
      according to official estimates cited by the WHO, but in private some
      officials fear the figure is much higher and the virus is spreading rapidly.
      "We need to do a huge amount more in prevention, in testing, in treatment if
      India is going to turn around the tidal wave of HIV/AIDS which is breaking
      over it," Feachem said.
      Globalization: Youth Commission Report
      International Youth Parliament compiled the report on 'Globalization' and
      written by young people from around the world. The report considers the way
      that Globalization affects young people and their communities. It offers
      recommendations for action in order to maximize positive opportunities and
      minimize the negative impacts of globalization. For more information
      contact info@...
      Up-coming Events:
      4th International Youth Dialogue
      As the World Assembly of Youth is drawing to a close of its Millennium Plan
      of Action, adopted in year 2000, the time has come for the organisation to
      reassess its effectiveness in decision-making processes. After three
      International Youth Dialogues, and several other international youth
      meetings, the question that we need to ask ourselves is: how effective is
      our voice in decision-making processes?

      To discuss on these issues World Assembly of Youth (WAY) is hosting the 4th
      International Youth Dialogue (MIYD04) at Melaka, Malaysia from June 28-30,
      2004 with the theme Youth Participation in Decision-Making Processes.

      The MIYD04 will therefore be a platform for young people to take stock of
      their efficacy in decision-making processes at various levels. It will also
      impart critical skills and knowledge to ensure that participants are
      properly equipped to participate meaningfully in decision-making processes.

      The organizer will provide the lodging boarding during the event to selected
      participants, the international travel and other expenses to born by
      participants or nominating organization. More detail is available on request
      from ICYO secretariat (pl mention the name/org/country).
      Youth Summit for the UN
      The Bosnian Mission to the UN is sponsoring an event with Friendship
      Ambassadors Foundation to build upon its upcoming Youth Summit in Sarajevo
      by hosting this second gathering in New York, both the United Nations
      Headquarters and the Wainwright House in upstate New York from August
      17-20,2004. This summit is aimed at new youth who have not visited or worked
      with the United Nations in the past as well as youth who are active and can
      be mentors and guides, and is an opportunity to meet and discuss the
      pressing issues of today, with a focus on U.N. initiatives and the
      Millennium Development Goals.
      Digital Generations: Children, Young People and New Media
      The International Conference on Digital Generations: Children, young people
      and new media will be held form 26-29 July 2004 at London, England and
      organized by Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media Institute of
      Education, University of London.

      The themes will include: Digital divides: social differences in children's
      uses of new media, Globalization and intercultural communication; Changing
      youth and childhood identities; New media, schools and informal learning;
      Regulation: censorship or consumer empowerment?; Play, games and
      interactivity; Children and young people as media producers. For more detail
      contact: newmedia2004@...
      Int. Children's Conference on the Environment
      The Tunza International Children's Conference on the Environment to be held
      19-23, July 2004 in New London, Connecticut, USA.

      The Conference which open for children aged 10 - 13, expecting the delegates
      from 100 countries around the world. Delegates will learn about and
      discuss environmental topics around four major themes issues: Oceans, Rivers
      and Waterways; Living on the Edge of Extinction; Indigenous Healing Ways;
      and Energy.

      The Conference is the largest U.N event dedicated to bringing children from
      around the world together to discuss the environment and learn about their
      rights and responsibilities as stewards. Delegates to the conference can
      look forward to presenting environmental projects, asking questions to
      environmental experts and recommending and challenging governments and
      people of the world to address their environmental concerns and issues.
      More importantly, delegates will be able to make friends from around the
      world and enjoy evening shows and events specifically designed for their age
      group. More information log on www.icc04.org
      Conference on Entertainment Education
      The Fourth Entertainment Education Conference will be held from the 26th to
      30th September 2004 in South Africa. Entitled "Community and Context", the
      conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. For more detail and
      registration log on www.ee4.org
      7th Global Conference: The Impact of National Youth Service
      The 7th Global Conference of IANYS is to held from August 23-27, 2004 in
      Accra, Ghana. President J. A. Kuffour of the Republic of Ghana is to give
      the official welcome and opening address. The theme of the 7 GC is 'the
      Impact of National Youth Service'.

      Ghana National Service Scheme (GNSS) will organize the conference. For more
      information contact madamarmstrong@...
      Youth Leadership & Peace Building Course
      The main aim of 'Youth Leadership and Peace Building course for Youth
      Leaders in NGO sector' is to train youth leaders in the field of peace and
      development in order to meet the challenges facing youth NGOs in the 21st
      century either in the developed or developing countries of the world.

      The course is designed for youth leaders (age between 25-30) across the
      world working for the non-governmental sector. The International Youth
      Development Foundation is organizer of the course and will be held from
      16th-18th july,2004 in United Kingdom.
      World Bank: My Vision, My Voice Photo Contest
      The World Bank has launched a global photo contest titled, My Vision, My
      Voice photo. Young people between the ages of 14 and 20 are invited to zoom
      in on their surroundings and capture their world through images. What do
      young people think the world needs more of, or less of - schools, jobs,
      training, health services, something nobody else has thought of?
      For more information log on www.youthink.worldbank.org/photocontest
      International Youth Day
      12 August is declared by United Nations as International Youth Day. This
      year's theme will be the 'Youth and Intergenerational Relations'.
      DPI World Summit 2004:Diversity Within
      DPI's World Summit will be an opportunity for national assemblies,
      disability organizations, NGOs, international development agencies, as well
      as goods and services providers in the disability field to discuss and share

      A major objective for DPI is the promotion of equality and diversity within
      our organization. The theme for the Summit will be diversity of people and
      their cultures and will focus on women, youth, and Indigenous & Arab

      Over 30 workshops are planned for the three-day event. Some of the issues
      that will be covered are: Human Rights; Self-determined Living; Bioethics;
      Education; Participation; Sharing the Knowledge; Local Capacity Building.

      The Conference will be held at Winnipeg, Canada from 8-10 September 2004.
      For more detail log on www.dpi.org

      Asian Women Parliamentarians & Ministers Conference
      There is a need for women, especially women leaders, to assert leadership in
      placing vital issues of poverty, gender and reproductive health on their
      respective national agendas. The contribution of women leaders is critical
      as they are directly involved in policy formulation, program implementation
      and access to and control of budget allocation decisions. The upcoming 2nd
      Asian Women Parliamentarians & Ministers Conference will strengthen the
      women role in policymaking and more budget allocation for population control
      and better reproductive health.

      The Conference will be held from June 29 - 30, 2004 at Parliament House,
      Canberra, Australia with the main theme "A woman's perspective: Population,
      Development and Reproductive Health in the Asia-Pacific Region".

      Australian All Party Parliamentary Group on Population and Development and
      Asian Forum of Parliamentarians for Population and Development will organize
      the Conference in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund
      (UNFPA) and the Parliament of Australia.

      The parliamentarians, ministers from Asia-Pacific region, UNFPA and UNIFEM
      officials, are amangs those will be invited apart from observers from
      multilateral and bilateral agencies, non-governmental organizations and
      Training Course on International Youth Structures
      The training course on International Youth Structures will be at European
      Youth Centre, Strasbourg from October 5-16, 2004.

      The main aim of the course is to help participants, already active in
      international structures,
      to better understand and more effectively use European youth structures and
      European youth programmes. The course is open for youth between the age of
      18 and 30 years. For more detail log on www.coe.int
      Seminar: Intercultural learning as a tool for a better inter-religious
      The third annual International Youth Seminar on Intercultural learning as a
      tool for a better inter-religious dialogue will be held from September 6-10,
      2004 in Nazareth, Israel.

      The main objective of the seminar is: to increase awareness of the role of
      religion in shaping society, amongst youth from the international community;
      to encourage critical thought amongst youth to help them to independently
      confront religious and cultural misconceptions; to promote intercultural
      dialogue as a tool for addressing common issues with a focus on
      inter-religious dialogue; to promote understanding of different religions
      and different theoretical and practical approaches regarding religion; to
      build cooperation between countries and organizations. For more detail log
      on www.yap.org
      Global Youth In Action Awards
      The 'Global Youth In Action Awards', which carry US$ 1,000, open for
      application. The GYAN announce that Awards are given to projects initiated
      by youth, and preference is given to projects less than two years old and
      initiated by one or more youth under the age of 25 at the time of the

      The purpose of award is to recognize and support positive youth action in
      communities around the world. With a grant from the Shei'rah Foundation,
      this year's awards program, GYAN seek to recognize youth-initiated projects
      that take a new approach to problem-solving. The last date of receiving the
      application is July 1, 2004. For more detail contact gyan@...
      Reebok Human Rights Award for Youth
      The Reebok Human Rights Award honours young people from around the world who
      have made significant contributions to the cause of human rights, often
      against great odds, last may years.

      The purpose of the Award is to shine a positive, international light on the
      awardees and to support their work in human rights. A $50,000 grant is
      given to further the work of each Award recipient.

      The applicants must be 30 years of age or younger on December 31, 2004 and
      must be working on an issue that directly relates to the United Nations
      Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For more detail log on
      Award for Human Rights Defenders
      The Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders (MEA) is the main award
      of the non-governmental human rights movement.

      For more detail log on www.martinennalsaward.org/en/nomination/index.html

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      Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO) is a registered non-profit,
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      mutual cooperation and understanding among different youth voluntary
      agencies, youth groups, clubs and individuals working in the field of youth
      welfare in India. ICYO functions as an umbrella organization of youth NGOs
      in India. Its family consists of over 350 organizations spread in 122
      districts of 22 states from different corners of India.

      Affiliation: Consultative (Roster) Status with ECOSOC, United Nations;
      Consultative Status with Commission on Sustainable Development; Full Member
      of World Assembly of Youth (WAY); Full Member of Asian Youth Council (AYC);
      Member of Youth for Habitat International Network (YFHIN); Affiliate group
      of ECPAT International, Bangkok, Thailand.
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