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FW: UN-NGO-IRENE Update - Issue no 3

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    ** Apologies for cross postings ** Dear all, see below the latest update from the UN-NGO-IRENE project at the UN NGO Section. You can find information on how
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      ** Apologies for cross postings **

      Dear all,
      see below the latest update from the UN-NGO-IRENE project at the UN NGO
      You can find information on how to subscribe to this newsletter at the very
      end of the message.
      Best regards, Minu

      Thema: UN-NGO-IRENE Update - Issue no 3
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      UN-NGO -IRENE UPDATE Issue no 3 / October 2004

      WHAT'S NEW
      § Several outstanding examples of visionary work were received by the
      NGO Section / DESA following its invitation to NGOs in General Consultative
      Status with ECOSOC to take part in the Questionnaire on Success stories in
      the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The success
      stories will be published on the NGO Section website and the more relevant
      ones will be posted in UN-NGO-IRENE Update.
      § At the request of leading Indian NGOs from Calcutta ("Friends'
      Society"), Mumbai ("Mumbai Educational Trust": MET), and New Delhi ("All
      India Women's Education Fund Association": AIWEFA), a UNDESA advisory
      mission was undertaken in October 2003, by the UN-NGO-IRENE Project
      Coordinator, Ms. Najet Karaborni to conduct capacity building workshops,
      provide substantive support to NGO preparatory work for the ECOSOC High
      Level Segment 2004, and assist in designing partnership projects between
      the United Nations, NGOs, government and donors.
      § Following the visit of five women from Yakutia International Women's
      Auto-Expedition in March 2003 to the NGO Section / DESA as part of their
      advocacy trip on ecological, economic and social problems of the Arctic and
      Northern regions, Ms. Hanifa Mezoui, Chief of the NGO Section, participated
      last September in the Ninth Meeting of the Partners in Circumpolar
      Education organized by the Ministry of Education of Sakha Republic, Yakutia
      on "Problems and Perspectives of Schooling of Indigenous people". The Forum
      Declaration stated that governments, civil society and the NGOs of
      Circumpolar North should conduct active education policy to improve the
      lives of the indigenous people of the North.
      § Upon his return from the United Nations 58th Session of the General
      Assembly, the President of the Republic of Madagascar, Marc Ravalomanana,
      gave a press conference on the latest developments in the United Nations as
      Madagascar has been elected by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to
      lead the United Nations Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development to
      implement an African rural development programme. The need for effective
      coordination among UN institutions was stressed for further advancement of
      the programme.
      § The 56th Annual DPI/NGO Conference of last September gathered
      representatives from 2,000 Non-Governmental Organizations, of which some
      forty percent came from developing countries, which is a doubling from
      previous years. Thirty-one Midday NGO Workshops and seven plenary sessions
      featured over hundred-sixty distinguished speakers including over twenty
      ones from UN Departments, Funds, Programmes and Specialized Agencies. The
      plenary sessions were broadcast live on UN TV. (www.un.org/dpi/ngosection/)
      § A new training material developed by our UN-NGO-IRENE Project
      Coordinator, Ms. Karaborni, on Professional Ethics in the Public Service in
      Africa (in French): "L'éthique Professionnelle dans le Service Public en
      Afrique: Guide Pratique" is now available at the UN-NGO-IRENE Website at
      http://www.unpan.org/guide.asp or www.unpan.org/NGO.asp

      § Responding to the Ministerial Declaration and recommendations of the
      2003 ECOSOC High Level Segment, a project document on TRUTH "Total Rural
      Upliftment Through Holistic Care to strengthen United Nations Partnership
      with Civil Society Organizations and Donors to meet the Millennium
      Development Goals (MDGs)" was designed and formulated by Mumbai Educational
      Trust (MET) with the substantive support of the UN-NGO-IRENE Project
      Coordinator. This three-year partnership project covers all the eight
      Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and involves 30'000 tribal
      beneficiaries. Its four main components are as follows:
      1. Water management and Poverty eradication
      2. Education, Literacy and Women empowerment
      3. Health and Nutritional development
      4. Water, Soil, Floral and Energy conservation for Eco-sustainable

      To reduce the sex workers' risk of contracting HIV /AIDS in the largest red
      light zone of Calcutta (India), Sonagachhi, a leading NGO "The Institute of
      International Social Development (IISD)" developed a groundbreaking
      training programme teaching the ancient knowledge from India's world famous
      love treatise the 'Kamasutra'. Following a baseline survey indicating the
      need of a syllabus taking into account the psychological aspect to evade
      occurrence of high-risk activities, the programme focuses on promoting
      safe-sex practices and training sex workers on how to make their client
      happy without sexual union. The project, which was conceived by an eminent
      HIV/AIDS specialist, Dr. Sachhidananda Sarkar, seeks to overpass the common
      understanding of lovemaking in order to promote the science and art of
      companionship with innovative solutions and techniques on how to deal with
      sex clients who are not willing to use condom.
      For more information please contact Ms Rajyashri Chaudhuri, Secretary
      General of IISD at shomik2@... and visit

      UPCOMING EVENTS 2003 *Not to Miss !*
      § World Student Summit 2003, supported by the United Nations
      Association of Singapore, from 15 to 19 December 2003. For more details, p
      lease visit the website of World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA) at
      § First phase of the World Summit on the Information Society, hosted by
      the Government of Switzerland, in Geneva from 10 to 12 December 2003.
      Second phase of the Summit in Tunis, Tunisia from 16 to 18 December 2005.
      For more information, see http://www.itu.int/wsis/
      § Web Portal on Women, Peace and Security to Commemorate Third
      Anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and
      Security launched by UNIFEM on 29 October 2003:

      § Lawyers Without Borders (www.lwob.org) are currently conducting a
      global survey to establish how the organization can best serve the NGO
      community. Please take this opportunity to contribute to the survey and
      taking part by filling in the online questionnaire at the following links:
      Should you be a lawyer:
      Should you work with an NGO or Non-Profit:
      Orla Cronin, a Netaid Volunteer, UN Volunteer Programme, for Lawyers
      without Borders, shared this information with us.

      § Spatial Data Infrastructure Africa (SDI-Africa) is a free
      e-newsletter for those interested in GIS, remote sensing and data
      management issues in Africa. For free subscription, contact klance@...
      . NGOs involved in municipal/city Spatial Data Infrastructure efforts in
      Africa, please send your details to the same address. Back issues of the
      newsletter are at the GSDI and GISD websites at www.gsdi.org and
      § The Arab Human Development Report 2003 was launched on 20 October
      2003 in Amman, Jordan. For information and link to the report, see the
      website of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) at

      To maintain a dynamic and useful UN-NGO-IRENE Update, we encourage you to
      submit your comments, remarks and success-stories to share.. to
      un-ngo-irene@... Thank you

      CONTACT US *Send Your Details To Subscribe!*
      For further information on our monthly UN-NGO-IRENE Update or if you wish
      to add a friend to our free mailing list, please send and e-mail to
      un-ngo-irene@org You may also read all Updates at the UN-NGO-IRENE Website
      at www.unpan.org/NGO-updates.asp

      For any further information please contact Ms. Hanifa Mezoui, Chief, NGO
      Section at mezoui@... and Ms. Najet Karaborni, UN-NGO-IRENE Project
      Coordinator at karaborni@...

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