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[FSPLocalGroupLeaders] OPH Booth Results (fwd)

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  • Jason Sorens
    ... Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 21:04:14 -0800 From: Will Albenzi Reply-To: FSPLocalGroupLeaders@yahoogroups.com To:
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      Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 21:04:14 -0800
      From: Will Albenzi <walbenzi@...>
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      Subject: [FSPLocalGroupLeaders] OPH Booth Results

      I did a dry run of an Operation Politically Homeless booth today. The
      results indicated promise after we do some fine tuning.

      After you read this, please let me know if this feedback was helpful to you,
      and what you think of the format.


      I decided to set up a table outside of a Frye's Electronics store. The
      SoCal FSP Local Group thought that there is a higher concentration of
      Liberty minded people who are techies. And Frye's is a geek Mecca out here.
      My goal was to gauge the effectiveness of having a booth in front of a high
      traffic specialty store. I was not sure if I would be ignored, chased away,
      or have the booth burned to the ground. I bought 20 pens and a poster frame
      from Wal-Mart. I used a card table the Local Group bought for a previous
      event and an easel that I have. The rest of the material was provided by

      On Site:

      I got there and set up near the entrance. I placed the poster
      in the frame and the frame in the easel. I put out some of the OPH Cards on
      the table along with some of the FSP Tri-folds and FAQs. I began the wait
      for someone to come up who was tempted by the poster advertising "The
      World's Smallest Political Quiz". I waited 20 minutes and watched 50 people
      walk past before deciding that the soft sell wasn't something they were
      buying. I moved the sign and myself closer to the flow of traffic and tried
      to engage people in conversation. They buzzed past while making sure not to
      make eye contact as I said "Sir, Would you like to take the ." (at which
      point I stopped because they ran inside). It only took ten minutes for me
      to decide to change up.

      I found out that if I try to say anything longer than "Here" and
      had them a flyer, they simply ignore me. I tried to hand out both the
      single color photocopied quizzes and the 2 color cardstock flyers. I found
      that I couldn't get people to take the photocopied ones unless I balled them
      up and surreptitiously threw them in the purses and baby carriages of the
      people who passed by. They overwhelmingly took the card. There were
      several people who couldn't figure out the instructions. I also only had
      two people come back with the cards marked, so I did not get to say "Free
      State Project" to most people. After two hours, I figured I saw how it was
      going to go, and I packed up and left.


      I think we should purchase stamps that say
      www.freestateproject.org <http://www.freestateproject.org/> and make sure
      each OPH package has one. Then we should stamp the cardstock quizzes with
      the Web-site. Next, on the cards, we should highlight the instructions
      (circle "a" for agree, "m" for maybe, and "d" for disagree). I also think
      that the reason that almost no one came back to the booth, was that the card
      did not say to do so. I think we could staple a piece of paper to the
      survey that says "Show people where YOU stand on the New Political Chart!
      Return this card to the booth, and make your mark".

      In the future I think we will have the FSP materials on the table with the
      FSP Banner in front, with the expectation that Liberty Lovers will naturally
      be attracted to it. Once they approach the table, we will pounce!

      In Liberty,

      Will Albenzi
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