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PORCFEST CRIER #8 - 6/11/06

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  • wyomingliberty
    The Free State Project s 3rd Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival Runs the Week of... Fri., 6/23/06 through Sat., 7/1/06 at Rogers Campground & Motel, in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2006
      The Free State Project's
      3rd Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival
      Runs the Week of...
      Fri., 6/23/06 through Sat., 7/1/06 at
      Rogers Campground & Motel, in Lancaster, NH
      THIS IS...
      Tim Condon's PORCFEST CRIER #8 - 6/11/06
      The 2006 Third Annual Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival and Night on the Barricades is 13 days from now--- LESS THAN TWO WEEKS OUT.Get information on Rogers Campground and Motel, including prices and reservations for motel rooms, campsites, RV spaces, cabins, trailer spaces, etc. at http://www.rogerscampground.com/. Information about the 3rd Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (and Night on the Barricades!) can be found at http://www.freestateproject.org/news/festival/. And  the always-evolving 2006 PorcFest Calendar-Schedule can be viewed at http://freestateproject.org/festival/schedule .
          "You get to meet fellow freestaters and have plenty of time to talk to them."  --Russell Kanning, Free State early mover and political activist; arrested twice for exercising Constitutional rights, including First Amendment rights.
          "I think the most important thing about PorcFest is visitors get to experience how awesome New Hampshire is, and they get to experience what it's like to live among so many like-minded folks." --Kat Dillon, Free State early mover, mother, home-schooler, political activist, and leader of NHUnderground; arrested recently for exercising First Amendment rights.
          "The PorcFest has surpassed my expectations the last two years. We have the website, the Forum, email lists and the FSP News newsletter, but sometimes we can still feel like lonely Porcupines at our keyboards.  To have hundreds of other Porcs and liberty-lovers all in one place is inspiring and highly motivating!  It's well worth the effort to join us in the stunning White Mountains for the Porcupine party of the year - see you there!" --Brian Sullivan, newest member of Free State Project Board of Directors.
          "Porc Fest will give you the best snapshot of the best place for freedom in the whole world.  Having lived in 4 states, traveled to most of the rest, and visited over 40 foreign countries, my personal experience is that New Hampshire is the very best place in the world for freedom lovers to live, work, and collaborate to create a Free State.  Come see for yourself!" --Varrin Swearingen, early mover to the Free State, member of the FSP Board of Directors, and President of the Free State Project.
          "Let's imagine we're embarked on a mission to once again plant seeds for the Liberty Tree.  Here on special soil with the tender loving care of hundreds, soon to be thousands, of kindred, freedom-loving souls.  This tree will flourish.  And its seeds will be carried in the wind to all corners of the globe.  That's the feeling I get with the Porcupine Festival." --Brian Wright, Free Stater.
          "A wife. A lot of friends. A hangover. (FYI, Bonnie and I will be recreating our first PorcFest (what was the pre-porcfest called?). We will arrive in separate vehicles. Me from VT. Bonnie from NY. Hang out of the weekend. Start a water gun battle. Play A$$hole. We will then make the 48 hour drive from NH to the west coast. This year for the LP Convention in Portland, OR." ¨CHardy Machia, Vermont LP activist and former LP candidate for Governor of Vermont, who met his wife Bonnie at PorcFest #1, then drove across the country with her immediately after the PorcFest, then later married her.
          "The annual Porcupine Freedom Festival is where the dream of the FSP becomes tangible.  I've never been in one location where so many liberty oriented individuals were in one place.  After years of knowing a few libertarians as neighbors and friends, being immersed in the company of hundreds is more than a dream come true.  While I was committed to the idea of moving to one location where our combined votes and actions would make a difference after being introduced to the Free State Project, the certainty, rather than the hope, that it would become real sunk in as we mingled with the Festival goers last year." ¨CJean Alexander, assistant 2006 PorcFest Czarina and former member of the Free State Project Board of Directors.
          "Enlarged liver." ¨CBob Hull, national advertising director for the Free State Project and largest landowner in Grafton, NH, "the Free Town."
          "Mmm...yummy." ¨CSteve Cobb, IT director of the Free State Project, Vice President of Outreach for the FSP, and member of the FSP Board of Directors, referring to "enlarged liver," above.
          "Real easy, Tim.....'The Folks!'" ¨CDave Mincin, Porcupine real estate agent, one of the very first early movers into the Free State, and former candidate for Dover City Council.
          "What I get is the most incredible sense of motivated camaraderie and sense of community that simply cannot be communicated -- it has to be experienced to be fully understood. The FSP members are all of one mind, one purpose, one goal, and it just sends shivers up your spine being at the right moment at a meeting, and the energy and enthusiasm is simply awe-inspiring. I love NH, and PorcFest brings together all of the folks who define NH for me: Local residents, FSP, GONH and CNHT. It's where folks of various walks with one common interest ¡ª preserving and enhancing the "Live Free or Die" culture of NH ¡ª come together.  The synergy is an incredible experience." ¨CLynn Pina, early mover to the Free State, FSP director of New Hampshire information, and NH jobs coordinator.
          "I don't know what we'll get out of it but the reason we're going is to scout out property for our move and, though we are both introverts, to meet others of like mind and get ideas to help in the move, etc." ¨C"dann," who will be "making the move" at some point after the PorcFest.
          "You get to hang out with a bunch of folks who think along, at least, similar lines to the way you do and whose eyes don't glass over when you talk about rights." ¨CLloyd Danforth, Porcupine activist, burner-of-United-Nations-flags, and activist with NH Underground.
      Porcupine Spines: PorcFest Points of Interest
          ¡ï FSP IT director Steve Cobb has come through again, this time with an entreaty to many of us to donate money so we can get a last-minute PorcFest ad onto one of the most popular Internet sites for independent thinkers, Tech Central Station, www.tcsdaily.com. Says Cobb, "The underlying message of the ad is that the FSP is a significant organization that holds the biggest libertarian event of the year (well, except for maybe the LP national convention). Right now you can go to TCS and pull up any article, and in the upper right hand corner of the screen you'll see the 2006 PorcFest ad. Check it out by looking up an article, such as the one at http://www.tcsdaily.com/article.aspx?id=060906F.
          ¡ï Assistant PorcFest Czarina Jean Alexander continues to update the 2006 PorcFest Silent Auction website, as more donations for the silent auction come in. You can check out all of the cool stuff we'll be able to bid on at  www.hand-off.com/SilentAuction/PFSilentAuction.htm. Check it out, and remember: There's still time to donate something. Do it! Email Jean at jeanius2@... and tell her what you're bring for the auction.
          ¡ï FSP Prez Varrin Swearingen recently found out that "a Porc who has moved to NH (post-vote) *and* was involved in PorcFest planning last year was totally unaware there was even a PorcFest this year." He added, "Yikes! I'm following up to find out exactly why." The rest of us: Look, there are several thousand of us. We all want the PorcFest to be a success. We all have lists of freedom-loving friends, and we're all members of various liberty-minded lists. So...FORWARD THIS PORCFEST CRIER TO ALL OF THEM! The more the merrier!
          ¡ï Don't forget the now-traditional Hike Up Mt. Liberty, to be led by Michael and Janice Edelstein. The hike will begin on Friday morning, June 23, 2006, with people assembling at 7:45 a.m. at the caf¨¦ at the campground. (Rumor has it, by the way, that FSP President Varrin Swearingen will be "making the hike" this year up Mt. Liberty. Thus, you'll be able to yak, yak, yak with the FSP president, and find out the inside scoop on how our movement is faring, not to mention finding out all about the First 1,000 Challenge.)
          ¡ï FSP NH Jobs Coordinator Lynn Pina loses roomie! It seems that Lynn has a room reserved for the PorcFest at the Cabot Motor Inn right near Rogers campground and Motel. She HAD a roomie, but it looks like he had to bail, so Lynn says, "I'm reserving a room at the Cabot Motor Inn for Friday and Saturday night, 6/23 and 6/24. It's $59-$90 a night, and I can put up someone else in the other double bed, and a third person in a cot for $5 a night. If anyone is interested in sharing room costs (probably 40%-40% and 20% for the cot person), email me at NHJobs@..., especially if you're female, quiet, and non-smoking. (I'd consider rooming with a couple, or males, if they are folks I know.)
          ¡ï Anybody need a ride to the PorcFest from Manchester? FSP NH jobs coordinator Lynn Pina (again!) says, "I'm renting a car and coming from Manchester Airport about 10:00 p.m. Thursday night, leaving to return the car about noon on Sunday. If you need a ride to or from the airport around those times, let me know." You can contact Lynn at the email address above.
          ¡ï Speaking of rides...if you can offer a ride from southern (or anywhere else) New Hampshire to one or more other Porcupines, send your itinerary info to me (at tim@...) and I'll publicize it in the next (and last) PorcFest Crier (if there is one). Put your offers out on the various FSP lists also. Let's help each other out. That's what the Free State is all about.
          ¡ï Interested in finding real estate and a place to live in New Hampshire? There will be two real estate agents at the PorcFest to help you. One is Dave Mincin, based in Dover, and an original Free State Early Mover. The other is Dave Walthour from the Free Town of Grafton, NH, who has always been friendly and helpful to Free Staters, and who spoke at the First Annual PorcFest with his wife Cynthia about home-schooling in New Hampshire. Seek them out at the PorcFest!
          ¡ï Speaking of a place to live in the Free State...FSP national advertising director Bob Hull lives in Grafton, in central New Hampshire (but "south of the notches"), where he's probably the single largest landowner in the town. The chairman of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party, John Babiarz, also lives in Grafton, with his wonderful libertarian wife Rosalie. I own my own five acres of Paradise in Grafton too, with a raggedy trailer and a well on the side of a beautiful (but small) mountain. Other freedom-lovers,  privacy-lovers, and Constitution-lovers live in the town too. As such, Grafton merits its nickname as "the Free Town." In fact, it may well deserve the award for being "the most libertarian town in the New Hampshire." If you're thinking about moving to New Hampshire, you owe it to yourself to talk to me ( tim@...), Bob Hull ( rhull@...), and John Babiarz (jbabiarz@...). We'll all be at the PorcFest, and John Babiarz will be speaking on Saturday. Talk to us! We've got the perfect place to live in the Free State!
          ¡ï Bring Your Money to buy great 2006 PorcFest stuff at the PorcFest, including T-shirts, posters, and other great stuff. Check it out online at http://freestateproject.org/store/porcfest2006 .
      The FSP "We'll Be There!" Lists
          Check out the official 2006 FSP PorcFest "We'll Be There!" list online at http://freestateproject.org/festival/wbt2006. You can register for the PorcFest online at http://freestateproject.org/festival/bethere2006.php . The registration page is a valuable planning tool for the FSP, and an opportunity to give feedback and suggestions to the FSP leadership. It will also help make the PorcFest an even bigger success this year than last year. Go to the registration link shown above, and "fill in the blanks" (and if you want you can sign up anonymously on the official list, unlike the PorcFest Crier list).
          In the meantime, if you have multiple family members and friends attending the PorcFest with you, and they're not all listed on the official list, send me an email at tim@... and list ALL your attendees for the PorcFest Crier list so I can add'em in below. Last year, the 2nd Annual Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival We'll Be There! List reached just over 300 people on it. The PorcFest itself had between 500 and 600 people attend over the week it was held, making it the largest assemblage of liberty-lovers in the world in 2005. We can do even better this year! (And every year into the future.) So email me and let me know the names of all your party members for the You'll Be There List, below.
          The 2006 PorcFest Crier
          "We'll Be There!" List
          For the 3rd Annual FSP Porcupine Freedom Festival:
      1.    Jane Aitken, Bedford, NH
      2.    Glen Aldrich, Braddock Ave., NJ
      3.    Robert Alexander, Toronto, Canada
      4.    Sally Amerzcua, San Diego, CA
      5.    Richard Arthur Angell, Missoula, MO
      6.    John Babiarz, Grafton, NH
      7.    Rosalie Babiarz, Grafton, NH
      8.    Peter Baker, Bradenton, FL
      9.    Chris Barnhart, Cambridge, MA
      10.    Tim Bauman, Libertyville, IL
      11.    Ebert Beeman, Waterford, PA
      12.    Jon Bender, Suncook, NH
      13.    Lex Berezhny, Grafton, NH
      14.    Bernard Bene
      15.    Patti Blatz, Hastings, MN
      16.    Anthony Bonk, Minneapolis, MN
      17.    V. Alex Brennen, South Boston, MA
      18.    Denise Penkalski Brown, Danbury, NH
      19.    Kerry Brown, St. Petersburg, FL
      20.    Will Buchanan, Boston, MA
      21.    James Burnisky, Gorham, NH
      22.    Teresa Burnisky, Gorham, NH
      23.    Erica Burns, Shelton, CT
      24.    Bill Campbell, Winchester, NH
      25.    Lauren Canario
      26.    Marcy Charette, Concord, NH
      27.    Edward Chesbro, Lancaster, NH
      28.    Dorothy Chiarappa, Woodsville, NH
      29.    Michael Coakley, Columbus, OR
      30.    Steve Cobb, Moscow, Russian Fed.
      31.    Billy Coffey, Concord, NH
      32.    Jenn Coffey, Concord, NH
      33.    Jesse Coffey, Concord, NH
      34.    Seth Cohn, Concord, NH
      35.    Tim Condon, Tampa, FL
      36.    Neal Conner, Sarasota, FL
      37.    Cathleen Converse, Derry, NH
      38.    Donald Converse, Derry, NH
      39.    Matt Covey, Twin Mountain, NH
      40.    Kevin Craig, Nash, TX
      41.    Brandon Cropper, New Britain, CT
      42.    Peter Cuff, Toronto, Canada
      43.    Jim Dalgety, Springfield, VA
      44.    Lloyd Danforth, Keene, NH
      45.    Blake Daniel
      46.    Dann (full name), Jamul, CA
      47.    Alex Denisch, Parkville, MD
      48.    Phil Denisch, Parkville, MD
      49.    Sean Dickinson, VT
      50.    Kat Dillon, Keene, NH
      51.    Kira Dillon, Keene, NH
      52.    Josiah Draper
      53.    Michael Edelstein, Tiburon, CA
      54.    Janice Edelstein, Tiburon, CA
      55.    Chandler Gabel, Bedford, NH
      56.    Daniel Garthwaite, Coventry, RI
      57.    Tom Giangiulio, Glenmoore, PA
      58.    Denis Goddard, Concord, NH
      59.    Rich Goldman, Halethorpe, MD
      60.    Monica Granger, Houston, TX
      61.    Ward Griffiths, Kearny, NJ
      62.    Guylaine Grise, Somewhere
      63.    Kelly Halldorson, Dover, NH
      64.    Michael Hampton, Madison, WI
      65.    Brian Hewson, Valhalla, NY
      66.    Scott Hoffman, Somewhere
      67.    Bob Hull, Grafton, NH
      68.    Tobias Iselin, Keene, NH
      69.    Cindy Jacques, Canterbury, NH
      70.    Cynthia Jalbert, Munsonville, NH
      71.    Angie Jones, Rockford, IL
      72.    Rick Jones, Rockford, IL
      73.    Jeff Jordan, Lyndeborough, NH
      74.    Russell Kanning, Keene, NH
      75.    Patrick Kaspary, Commack, NY
      76.    Bradley Keyes, Epsom, NH
      77.    Margot Keyes, Epsom, NH
      78.    Ari L, Staten Island, NY
      79.    Chester Lapointe, Concord, NH
      80.    Patrick Lawler, Jacksonville, FL
      81.    Susie Lawler, Jacksonville, FL
      82.    Tony Lekas, Hudson, NH
      83.    Dawn Lincoln, Winchester, NH
      84.    Jaclyn Lincoln, Winchester, NH
      85.    Kelsey Lincoln, Winchester, NH
      86.    Doug Linder, Grantham, NH
      87.    Faith Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      88.    Joy Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      89.    Marylisa Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      90.    Patrick Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      91.    Timothy Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      92.    Chris Lopez, Concord, NH
      93.    Niklas Ludwig, St. Paul, MN
      94.    Jerry Lynch, Erie, PA
      95.    Hardy Machia, Grand Isle, VT
      96.    Jeremy MacKinney, Minneapolis, MN
      97.    Jon Maltz, Woburn, MA
      98.    Mark Marsh, Orford, NH
      99.    Kate Marshall, Richmond, VA
      100.    Steven Martinson, Nampa, ID
      101.    Mark Matthews, Hayes, VA
      102.    Anthony Mazzarella, Gorham, NH
      103.    Pat McCotter, Concord, NH
      104.    Gloria McCotter, Concord, NH
      105.    Ross McEwan, Crawley, UK
      106.    Carol McGuire, Manchester, NH
      107.    Dan McGuire, Manchester, NH
      108.    John J. Meade, III, Pottstown, PA
      109.    Cris Metzler, Hastings, MN
      110.    Nick Michelewicz, Munsonville, NH
      111.    Moe Memmolo, Fairfield, VA
      112.    Beverly Nappen, Bow, NH
      113.    Ethan Nappen, Bow, NH
      114.    Evan Nappen, Bow, NH
      115.    Lou Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      116.    Glenn Nielsen, Columbia, MO
      117.    Avens O'Brien, Manchester, NH
      118.    Tom Parker, Winter Springs, FL
      119.    Roger Penderton, Austin, TX
      120.    Jim Perry, Concord, NH
      121.    Amanda Phillips, Cambridge, MA
      122.    Sandy Pierre, Nashua, NH
      123.    Lynn Pina, Warner, NH
      124.    Dean Pomper, Wildersville, TN
      125.    Amanda Powell, Moriaty, NM
      126.    Ray Powell, Moriaty, NM
      127.    Calvin Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      128.    Karen Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      129.    Chad Raeder, Brocton, NY
      130.    Kate Rick, NH
      131.    Lisa Rogers, Kedarny, NJ
      132.    Kevin Roll, Pembroke, NH
      133.    Joe Roux, Canterbury, NH
      134.    Mike Ruff, Auburn, AL
      135.    Thomas Ruks, Queens, NY
      136.    Mark Sahba, Milwaukee, WI
      137.    Seamas Scalaidhe, Jersey City, NJ
      138.    John Shaw, Newmarket, Canada
      139.    Matt Simon, Amherst, NH
      140.    Carl Soderstrom, Buffalo, MN
      141.    Jason Sorens, Tonowanda, NY
      142.    Mary Sorens, Tonowanda, NY
      143.    Paul Spencer, PA
      144.    Morey Straus, San Francisco, CA
      145.    James Sulinski, ME
      146.    Brian Sullivan, Ithaca, NY
      147.    Eric Sundwall, Niverville, NY
      148.    Edi Swearingen, Keene, NH
      149.    Edison Swearingen, Keene, NH
      150.    Erin Swearingen, Keene, NH
      151.    Varrin Swearingen, Keene, NH
      152.    Nancy Terry, St. Petersburg, FL
      153.    Candy Van Wyk, Manchester, NH
      154.    Stephen Villee, Berlin, NH
      155.    Fred Vollrath, Tampa, FL
      156.    Bill Walker, Richmond, VA
      157.    Joseph Walsh, Lowell, MA
      158.    Cynthia Walthour, Grafton, NH
      159.    Dave Walthour, Grafton, NH
      160.    Peter Warren, Ellsworth, ME
      161.    Jared Watkins, Charlotte, NM
      162.    David Webb, Columbus, OH
      163.    Philip Williams, Logan, UT
      164.    Brian Wright, New Boston, NH
      165.    Jack Wyatt, Greensboro, NC
      166.    Bob Zimmer, Ballston Lake, NY
          The online Free State Project list found at http://freestateproject.org/festival/wbt2006 shows that at least 255 people have signed up (many of whom are not listed by name). Last year the We'll Be There list had just over 300, but we got started last this year, so the 2006 PorcFest list should be at least as big as last year's. Be ready to have fun!
          A request: Remember that the Porcupine Freedom Festival is not meant to be a money-maker for the Free State Project. It's open to the general public and to all lovers of liberty. No entrance fees are charged for the PorcFest itself, or for any of the events, or for any of the speeches, or for the camaraderie, friendship, and information about moving to the Free State available to all. It is designed as a way to show people that they actually have a chance to live in liberty in their own lifetimes...and to show America and the world the benefits of living in liberty So please forward this email to all your liberty-loving friends, on every liberty-oriented list you have, so that they too can know about the PorcFest and what's coming up in June, for all of us.
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