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1The FSP at Vans Warped Tour, need help

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  • wyomingliberty
    Jul 15, 2005
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      I have very exciting news. The Vans Warped Tour (the largest
      traveling rock tour in the nation) has approved the Free State
      Project as a non-profit vendor. That means we can get 4 people in
      for free, a few chairs, a table, and a tent. It is very important to
      have at least a couple people at the table for the whole day. I am
      the Vans contact on this.

      We are onboard in Buffalo, NY on 7/26, Pittsburgh, PA on 8/1, and
      Boston, MA on 8/15. Vans shows feature top punk, metal, and rock
      bands. They are attended by 10,000s of people. The average age
      ranges from 14-24, although parents come with many of the younger
      kids. The people attending these shows are already used to snow and
      cold climates, so that should not be a big problem with recruiting.
      Also, many of these people like causes and many of the bands sing
      about joining causes. This is a prime recruiting opportunity.

      I am in the process of gathering materials to give out. I'm working
      on various flyers, stickers, bumper stickers, and even matches.

      However, I need manpower to help. Please, my brothers and sister,
      join me and show the world what we FSP can do. I'll be at the
      Buffalo show. Please volunteer for the show nearest you. If you
      have any questions, please ask them in this group or email me.


      TN FSP Local Group Leader