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The B'nai Or

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  • James Trimm
    Introducing the B nai Or Introducing the B nai Or (Sons of Light). B nai Or is a membership club for supporters of the INJS (Instute for Nazarene Jewish
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      Introducing the B'nai Or

      Introducing the B'nai Or (Sons of Light). B'nai Or is a "membership
      club" for supporters of the INJS (Instute for Nazarene Jewish Studies).

      The term "B'nai Or" (Sons of Light) was a euphemism that the Essene
      authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls used to refer to theselves:

      "..teach them both to love all the Sons of Light-- each commensurate
      with his rightful

      place in the council of Elohim..." (Manual of Discipline 1, 9)

      "...enlighten and teach all the Sons of Light..." (Manual of
      Discipline 3, 13)

      "... all the spirits allied with him [the Angel of Darkness] share but
      a single resolve, to cause the Sons of Light to stumble. Yet the
      Elohim of Israel (and the Angel of His Truth) assists all the Sons of
      Light." (Manual of Discipline 3, 24-25)

      "...he shall atone for all the Sons of Light and the people who are
      predestined to Melchizedek."
      Melchizadek Document (11Q13) Col. 2, Line 8

      The Nazarenes, the original Jewish followers of Yeshua also described
      themselves with the euphemiusm "Sons of Light":

      "...For the sons of this world are craftier than the Sons of Light, in
      this, their generation." (Luke 16:8 HRV)

      "...believe in the light that you might become Sons of Light." (Jn.
      12:36 HRV)

      "For you are all Sons of Light... not... sons of darkness." (1Thes.
      5:5 HRV)

      B'nai Or an apropriate name to describe those who are partnering with
      the INJS and supporting our efforts, building the infrastructure for
      the continued restoration of the ancient sect of the Nazarenes.

      B'nai Or members will recieve:

      * Monthly Newsletter
      * Weekly Torah Studies
      * Special access to the B'nai Or Section of our Website
      * 10% discount for Beit Netzartim Yeshiva

      Members will have access to our cutting edge research on:

      * Hebrew/Aramaic Origins of the NT
      * The Original Hebrew/Aramaic "Apocrypha" and other significant "Lost
      Books" (Enoch, Jasher and the Gospel according to the Hebrews)
      * The Original Hebrew text of the Tanak
      * Historical data on the ancient Sect of the Nazarenes (The ancient
      Jewish Sect which were the original followers of Yeshua).
      * Historical data on the ancient sects of the Sadducees, Pharisees and
      Essenes and how this information contextualizes the writings in the
      "New Testament". (including research on The Dead Sea Scrolls, The
      Mishna, Talmud, Midrashim and other Rabbinic literature)

      The INJS has made enormous headway in this research over the last ten
      years and we believe we will continue to plow the way forward. This
      ministry is on the cutting edge of the movement. We invite you to
      join us and support this work. B'nai Or members will have special
      access to the cutting edge of our research through the special "B'nai
      Or" section of our website.

      To join the B'nai Or simply support the INJS with a donation of $30.00
      or more each month, provide us with the email address you wish to use
      for your membership contacts and request to be added as a member of
      B'nai Or.

      To contribute using Pay Pal ( http://www.paypal.com ) donations should
      be sent to:

      donations@... .

      donations "at" nazarene.net

      If you cannot donate using paypal you can also send donations by
      surface mail to:

      Nazarene Judaism
      Box 471
      Hurst, TX 76053

      Surface mail donations can be made with check or money order
      made out to SANJ.
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