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HRV Update (April 13th, 2003)

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  • James Trimm
    Shalom all, Many of you have been emailing and calling asking for an update on the progress of the publication of the HRV Complete Bible. (this has had the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2003
      Shalom all,

      Many of you have been emailing and calling asking for an update on the
      progress of the publication of the HRV Complete Bible.
      (this has had the unfortunate effect of slowing down progress).

      As you all know publication has been delayed by a number of factors,
      including the discovery and inclusion of the Hebrew text of the Book of
      Hebrews (the HRV NT Book of Hebrews had been based only on the Aramaic text
      of this book). Many of you have asked about this discovery and so in the
      near future I will send out more details.

      At the end of March we had completed the editing and proofreading of the
      HRV Bible on a book by book basis. The plan had been to deal with each
      book in a separate file and then when the work on each was completed, to
      merge the 66 books (plus preface and other sections) into a single
      file. (At this point we had planned to be "done" and sending the HRV to
      the printer).

      Unfortunately we found that when we tried to "cut and paste" one file on to
      the end of the other all formatting was "screwed up" on the second
      file. For example all double columns became single columns and all single
      columns became double columns; all bold text became regular and all regular
      text became bold, and font sizes were no longer correct. As a result I am
      having to go through the whole HRV Complete Bible and correct the
      formatting. This process began on Sunday April 6th and I am working all
      day (way more than 8 hours a day) six days a week on the reformatting. The
      reason I have not sent out an update until now is that all of my time is
      being consumed in this process of reformatting and I have not taken time
      until now to write up a more current update.
      Today is Sunday April 13th and to date I have finished reformatting the
      books marked with an *:

      (Note that many of the longer books have been complete and many that remain
      are shorter. I would say I am about halfway through the Tanak-- also note
      that (for reasons to long to explain here) I started with the last two
      books and then went back and started from the beginning.)




      *Sh'mu'el Alef
      *Sh'mu'el Beit
      *M'lakhim Alef
      *M'lakhim Beit

      Shir HaShirim
      *Divrei HaYamim Alef
      *Divrei HaYamim Beit

      (I have not listed the NT books since I have not started reformatting them

      At this point I am going to project that it will take another week to two
      weeks to finish the reformatting and another week after that for a final
      edit and proof reading (although we have completed proofreading, the
      reformatting will require a final proofread to make sure nothing was
      "damaged" in the process of reformatting it). Then the HRV should be ready
      to go to the printer.

      I will post more updates as this process moves forward.

      Please do not call and ask how progress is coming along. The only one here
      that can answer this question is myself and it is counter productive for me
      to stop the work on reformatting to answer these calls. Such callers will
      be directed to the webpage update which should be updated within the next
      24 hours from now ("now" is Sunday the 13th of April).

      If you call and leave a voice message we will not be able to return the
      call for the same reason given above. Our voice mail greeting message
      directs anyone calling about HRV progress to the website updates. If you
      email asking about progress you will simply get a copy of this update,
      again for the same reasons given above.

      Please be patient. We are wanting to do this carefully and correctly. We
      are dealing with the Word of Elohim here and the upmost care is warranted.

      James Trimm
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