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Truth about Torah Tape Set

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  • James Trimm
    New from SANJ the tape set you have been waiting for: THE TRUTH ABOUT TORAH In this 16 tape set James Trimm explains why we know the Torah is for today, how
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      New from SANJ the tape set you have been waiting for:

               THE TRUTH ABOUT TORAH

      In this 16 tape set James Trimm explains why we know the Torah is for today, how Torah observance relates to Faith and Grace, and how Torah makes us free from bondage.   If you are already Torah observant then this tape set will help you better understand the Scriptures and prepare you to better defend your position to others.  This set is also ideal as a gift to your non-Torah observant friends.

      Learn answers to questions like:

      What does it mean to submit to Torah, what does it mean to observe Torah and why have we been instructed in the Scriptures to OBSERVE Torah?

      What does the Scripture mean by saying that the Torah is fulfilled by love?

      Is the Torah for Today?

      Is the Torah bondage?

      Are we made righteous by Torah Observance?

      Are we saved by Torah Observance?

      What does it mean to have a "circumcised heart"?

      Should Gentiles observe Torah? 

      Was Paul Anti-Torah?

      This set is a non-condemning positive approach to Torah observance.

      The Tapes in the set include:

      1.  Getting Back to the "New Testament Church"

      2.  For All Your Generations Forever

      3.  What is Truth?

      4.  Freedom from Bondage

      5.  Walking in the Light

      6.  Faith, Grace and Torah

      7.  Understanding Paul

      8.  Gentiles and Torah (Understanding Acts 15)

      9.  Going through Galatians  (a line by line study of Galatians)

      10.  Are you "Born Again"? (A line by line study of Yochanan (John) 3)

      11.  Yeshua and the Torah

      12.  The Torah and the Book of Hebrews

      13.  Understanding 1John

      14.  Lets Talk about "Love"  (Do you have a Circumcised Heart?)

      15.  The Guidance of the Holy Spirit

      16.  Commonly Misunderstood Passages

      You can obtain your copy of this tape set today with a minimum donation of $65.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling ($10 for Canada;  $15 for overseas).

      SANJ can now take credit cards through email sales@... or phone in orders: 817-284-7039 or you can mail it in as well:

      PO Box 471
      Hurst, Texas 76053

      Send the following information:

      Name on card:
      Card Type:
      Card Number:
      Expiration Date:
      Phone Number:
      Billing Address:
      Shipping Address if different from Billing:
      Email Address:
      The quantity of the items you want. 

      Or you can still send in a check or money order to the above address.   Please note that all checks have a two-week holding period. (International checks three weeks). 

      We also still accept Paypal orders as well.   http://www.paypal.com

      PLEASE view our shipping and payment policies:


      IF you send along your email address we can send you a shipping confirmation.

      If you have any questions concerning donations or orders please contact the following:


      For questions about the books, other then donation price, please contact the following:


      James Trimm


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