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  • James Trimm
    First of all thank you for your kind comments regarding the HRV. The thigh = RGL as an error for DGL banner explaination was first proposed by C. C. Torrey
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
      First of all thank you for your kind comments regarding the HRV.

      The "thigh" = RGL as an error for DGL "banner" explaination was first
      proposed by C. C. Torrey in 1941 in a paper titled "The Language and
      Date of the Apocalypse. The paper has been reprinted by SANJ as part
      material appears on pages 105-106 of that book.

      Now there are some problems with it. First of all RGL normally
      means "foot" and sometimes means "leg" but "thigh" might be a stretch
      and "thighs" (plural) an even further stretch.

      If Rev. was originally written in Hebrew then the Hebrew has not
      survived. The Aramaic Crawford manuscript, which has survived and
      which has signs of being the source for the Greek version, has 'ATMA
      here (ayin-tet-mem root) meaning "thigh" (it actually appears in the

      Having said that let me now point out something more important.
      The Aramaic does not have this problem at all!

      The Greek has "on his garment AND on his thigh" but the Aramaic has
      "...on his garments, on his thighs..." as we read in the HRV Rev.

      While the Greek makes these two different things, the Aramaic has the
      phrase "on his thighs" as a modifier of "on his garments" implying
      that it was upon his tzitzit or upon the KANAF (corner where the
      tzitzit is attached).

      Hope this helps,

      James Trimm

      --- In a-house-united@y..., "ephraimite4torah"
      <ephraimite4torah@a...> wrote:
      > Dear Dr. Trimm,
      > The following is an excerpt from a letter posted by someone else in
      the Hebraic Heritage Newsgroup. I know how busy you are brother, but
      if you can spare a moment I would like you comment on this in the
      light of the HRV that just came out.
      > I have understood this "name on His thigh" or "thighs" to be
      indicative that Yeshua was wearing a Tallit, with the Name in the
      tzitziot being draped across His thighs. The point being made below
      though, seems to be validated by the possible lack of Hebraic or
      Aramaic understanding of the translator when looking at "dalet" and
      possibly confusing it with "resh".
      > This inquiry will be posted to our newsgroup as well so that all
      may profit from your teaching in this area.
      > Thank you so much for your work on the HRV! Our recently received
      copy is available for anyone to view while visiting with us, and I
      have found your comments in the introduction to be most enlightening
      and informative!
      > Be blessed,
      > Larry
      > And there is more. The Explanatory notes at the back of the
      > rendition of the Scriptures put out by the Institute for Scripture
      > Research indicates certain textual criticisms in the Book of the
      > Revelation which indicate that it was also written in Hebrew.
      > Revelation 19:16 reads that Yahshua will return with the
      words "KING
      > OF KINGS AND MASTER OF MASTERS," written across his thigh. That's
      > not right. The word "thigh" should read "banner," instead.
      > The problem with the word "thigh" is that if the words are written
      > Yahshua's thigh, then they are speaking of a tattoo, but Leviticus
      > 19:18 forbids us to make tattoos on our bodies. But we know that
      > Yahshua would never get a tattoo, because Yahshua would never break
      > Torah, because He tells us Himself in the Sermon on the Mount that
      > did not come to break the Torah or to do away with it (Matthew 5:17-
      > 20).
      > We know that sin is a transgression of the Law (1 John 3:4), so if
      > Yahshua has a tattoo on his thigh, then He will be breaking the
      > which means He will be sinning. Yet we know that this can not be,
      > because Yahshua is without sin.
      > Further, we know that a person whose thigh is exposed is considered
      > naked in Hebraic thought (Mark 14:51, see also Shemot/Exodus
      > and we know that Yahshua would never come immodestly dressed, since
      > He is our example. He would keep His thighs covered, especially in
      > battle.
      > What makes more sense is to acknowledge that the Book of the
      > Revelation must have been written in Hebrew. A particular letter
      > Hebrew that represents the "d" sound (called the "dalet") has a
      > stub on the end of one of the pen strokes, while a very similar
      > looking letter representing the "r" sound (called a "resh") does
      > not. It is easy for translators to mistake the two, especially
      > the scroll is old, damaged, or when the translators don't know
      > that well. Constantine's Catholic translators might easily have
      > confused the dalet for a resh.
      > If a scribe translating the Book of the Revelation from Hebrew (or
      > possibly Aramaic) in to Greek mistook the "d" for an "r", then the
      > word "dagel" (banner) becomes "ragel" (thigh), and you have Yahshua
      > breaking Torah, wearing a tattoo on a naked thigh. Given the fact
      > that Yahshua said that the Torah would not pass away until heaven
      > earth pass away, this is impossible. It would make Yahshua an
      > immodest sinner with naked thighs!
      > When you understand that Yahshua came not to do away with the Law,
      > but rather to show how best to keep it, the image of Yahshua
      > galloping around with a tattoo on a naked thigh becomes ludicrous.
      > Yet a Roman Catholic scribe translating in to the Greek would not
      > have caught the mistake, because the Catholics teach (against
      > Scripture) that Yahshua did away with the Law.

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