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Netzarim 2001 Conference

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  • James Trimm
    Shalom everyone, I am pleased to announce that the time and place has been set for Netzarim 2001, the 3rd annual Nazarene Judaism conference. The conference
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      Shalom everyone,

      I am pleased to announce that the time and place has been set for Netzarim
      2001, the 3rd annual Nazarene Judaism conference.

      The conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on June 15th, 16th and
      17th at the following time and place:

      Hours for the following dates & days:

      Friday, June 15th 9am-10pm
      Saturday, June 16th 9am-10pm
      Sunday, June 17th 9am-12pm

      Denver Marriott Southeast
      6363 E. Hampden Ave.
      Denver, Colorado.
      (303) 758-7000
      reservation line: 1-800-444-2206

      We have negotiated a 54% discount (from the corporate rate) for those who
      stay there at the Marriott. Rooms for conference attendees are only $69.00
      a night!

      If you were able to come to Netzarim '99 or Netzarim 2000 you know were
      great conferences. I believe Netzarim 2001 will be even better.

      Speakers will include:

      Dr. James Trimm (S.A.N.J.)

      Avi ben Mordechai (Millennium 7000)

      (more speakers will be verified soon)

      Topics currently planned include:

      Nazarene Judaism: Where have we been, Where are we going?

      The Hebrew and Aramaic Origin of the New Testament
      (James Trimm)

      Understanding Commonly Misunderstood NT Passages.
      (Avi ben Mordechai)

      The Three Pillars of the Godhead

      Coming out of Babylon

      (Speakers and topics subject to change)

      This will also be a great chance to meet other like minded people. There
      will be lots of time for fun and fellowship.

      We encourage you to register early. Registration for this three day
      conference is as follows:

      EARLY REGISTRATION (by April 30th)

      $65./single $105./couple

      LATE REGISTRATION: (May 1st-to Door Registration)

      $95./single $149./couple

      (A couple must be members of the same household/family. Examples: Husband
      & wife; brother and sister; parent and adult child; aunt and niece etc.)


      This year we will have programs for children.

      Children age 4 and under are free

      Children ages 5-10 - $20 for up to 2 children; $30 for 3 or more.

      Children ages 11-17 - $10 for up to 2 children; $20 for 3 or more

      To register send your name of all attendees, address, phone number, where
      you can be contacted if necessary, email address and registration fee to:

      PO Box 471
      Hurst, TX 76053

      (make checks payable to SANJ)

      Or you may pay online with PayPal by Visa and Mastercard


      You must sign up with them, but rest assured the service to you is
      FREE!!! You can send money from your bank account to our bank account, or
      you can use your credit card to send money from your credit card to our
      bank account.

      Send your payments to the following email address: sales@... .

      Make sure you put in the notes, that you are sending in payment for the
      Netzarim 2001 Conference.

      Please make sure you send an email address and phone number just in case
      there are any problems that you can be reached quickly.

      If you need further help, email us at itrimm@... or
      sales@... .

      To make your hotel reservations at the Marriott call 1-800-444-2206 and be
      sure to mention the Netzarim 2001 conference to get the special rate.

      IMPORTANT: Reserving a room does not register you for the conference, and
      registering for the conference does not reserve you a room. You must
      contact Marriott hotel reservations for your room and you must contact The
      Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism for your registration for
      the conference.

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