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Free Booklets for Truth Seekers

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  • James Trimm
    We are soon to enter the most important era in the history of the world. A major prophetic event that the Scriptures state will occur before the return of
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      We are soon to enter the most important era in the history of the world.

      A major prophetic event that the Scriptures state will occur before
      the return of Messiah, is just about to occur, in fact it is happening
      right now!

      … but in the land of their captivities they shall remember themselves.
      And shall know that I am YHWH their Elohim: for I will give them a
      heart, and ears to hear: And they shall praise me in the land of their
      captivity, and think upon my name, And return from their stiff neck,
      and from their wicked deeds: for they shall remember the way of their
      fathers, which sinned before YHWH. And I will bring them again into
      the land which I promised with an oath unto their fathers, Avraham,
      Yitzchak, and Ya'akov, and they shall be masters of it: and I will
      increase them, and they shall not be diminished. And I will make an
      everlasting covenant with them to be their Elohim, and they shall be
      my people: and I will no more drive my people of Israel out of the
      land that I have given them.
      (Barukh (Baruch) 2:30-35)

      This restoration is upon us. Even as the Churches continue to proclaim
      a "Jesus" that frees them from the "bondage" of the Torah, seekers of
      truth will find rest. As Yeshua said:

      He who seeks will not cease till he finds,
      and having found he will be amazed,
      and having been amazed he will reign,
      and having reigned he will rest.
      (The Goodnews according to the Hebrews)

      Mainline Christian (and even Rabbinic Jewish) religious authorities
      teach basic doctrines that are diametrically opposed to those taught
      in the Scriptures. They teach these false doctrines in spite of the
      fact that some of these authorities are among the most intelligent,
      scholarly people on earth. Many of these "authorities" will candidly
      admit in private that the at least certain of the doctrines they teach
      are not scriptural. I recall once a Baptist Seminary student who
      admitted to me that he "didn't like the fact that the `Church' had put
      him in the position of `explaining away things that don't explain away
      very well'." The reason for this false teaching is that for some
      reason they are reluctant to abide by the simple written statements of
      the Scriptures and the historical documents Elohim has allowed to come
      down to us from antiquity. They have no qualms about substituting
      their own ideas for scriptural truths. This results in the fact that
      in their outward teachings to the public, their own ideas have
      displaced the scriptural truth.

      The Churches will continue to teach a Torah-less "Jesus" who came to
      "free you from the bondage of the Law", but truth seekers are learning
      that the Torah is truth, that the true Messiah, Yeshua, is that Torah
      truth incarnate and that the Torah is not bondage, but will set you
      free! These truth seekers are finding freedom and rest for their souls!

      I am honored to be able to be partnered with these truth seekers as
      this restoration of Nazarene Judaism moves forward in fulfillment of

      In an effort to spread this truth, we are now making available a
      series of free booklets* for truth seekers:

      What is Nazarene Judaism?
      Is the Torah for Today?
      Which Day is the Sabbath?
      What do you Mean… "Church"?
      The Tithe of YHWH

      And more titles will become available from time to time.

      These booklets are not sold for profit. They are an "at cost"
      educational service in the public interest, published by the Institute
      for Nazarene Jewish Studies. We do not make a penny from the "at
      cost" sale of these booklets. They are made possible by voluntary,
      freely given tithes and offerings of truth seekers like yourselves.

      It is you who make our work at the INJS possible. I realize that it is
      not the activity of James Trimm alone (in my quest to teach Torah and
      Messiah to a lost world with all the vigor and enthusiasm I can
      muster) who is responsible to do this work, it is all of us together
      who are charged with the responsibility of accomplishing this work. I
      very much look on the efforts of the INJS as a cooperative one with
      each one of you. We are all joint heirs with Messiah and should always
      be about our Father's business in teaching the Torah and the Messiah
      (and the Messiah is the Word, the Living Torah) to this lost
      world. Your financial help and your ardent prayers are much needed and

      Donations (which are very much needed) may be sent via paypal
      (http://www.paypal.com) to donations@... (donations "at"
      beitnetzarim.com) or may be mailed to:

      Nazarene Judaism
      PO Box 471
      Hurst, TX 76053

      * These "free booklets" are free to download and available in print
      "at cost".
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