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The Scales Removed

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  • James Trimm
    Shalom Chaverim, At no other time since the first century, has so much enlightenment been upon us as we have obtained in just the last few years. Scripture
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2007
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      Shalom Chaverim,

      At no other time since the first century, has so much enlightenment
      been upon us as we have obtained in just the last few years.
      Scripture tells us in many prophecies that in the last days Elohim
      will be removing the scales from people's eyes so that they will see
      truths they could not see before. You and I have been called at this
      time to prepare the way for this onslaught of truth seekers who are
      abandoning Churchianity and even Rabbinic Judaism for the truth of
      Torah and a Messiah who is the living Torah. Now more than ever,
      people seem hungry for truth.

      I recall when I was eighteen years old back in 1984, when I first left
      Rabbinic Judaism and became a believer in Yeshua as the Messiah. I
      was an armature anti-missionary back then, debating with my Christian
      friends, arguing that "Jesus" could not have been the Messiah. I had
      all the arguments down pat. Then one day Wendy asked me to go to an
      evening church youth meeting with her. I agreed, largely because I
      wanted to go out with her. So there I was, wearing my tzitzit and my
      kippah with my JPS Tanak in hand. I did not know anyone else there.
      After the meeting Wendy was off socializing with other friends, and I
      was sitting there bored. Despite my anti-missionary arguments, I had
      curiosity about Yeshua, so I prayed, "If Yeshua is really your son,
      prove it to me." For the first time in my life a bat kol (voice from
      Heaven) spoke to me and said "John 1:34". I did not have a "New
      Testament" so I borrowed one off the pew and looked up John 1:34 "And
      I saw and bare record that this is the Son of God.". This revelation
      changed my life. I would have questioned it forever if the voice had
      answered my question with a direct answer, but instead it was a
      Scripture verse that I had to look up, that was an answer to my exact
      question. I knew for sure that Yeshua was Messiah and I found myself
      thrust into spiritual warfare that very first night, so I had to
      mature as a believer in Messiah fast. I immediately began studying
      the Messianic prophecies all over again, only now the scales were off
      of my eyes, and now I understood them. Of course Yeshua was the
      Messiah, why could I not see it before?

      I began to read and study the so-called "New Testament" and to my
      surprise it had nothing to do with the things I associated with
      "Christianity". It had nothing to do with steeples, nuns, monks,
      Santa Clause etc. It was a Jewish book.

      In the months that followed I studied everything I could to help me
      understand this book as a Jewish book. I learned that the original
      followers of Yeshua were an ancient sect of Jews called "Nazarenes".
      I found several references to these "Nazarenes" in the writings of the
      so-called "Church Fathers". I realized that I was a Nazarene Jew. I
      knew my people did not write religious literature in the first century
      in Greek, so I sought out, and found, the original Hebrew and Aramaic
      text of the "New Testament". I found that the books know as the
      "Apocrypha" are Jewish, not Catholic. I began publishing these truths
      and found they were resonating with many others, and a resurgence of
      Nazarene Judaism was born.

      This teaching has always been in the Scriptures waiting to be
      discovered. We are living in a truly exciting age. Elohim is going
      to reward us with even more wisdom, knowledge and understanding
      concerning his plan for us as believers, as well as for the people of
      this world. We have been called not only to understand who we are
      (Nazarenes), where we are going, but we are also chosen to realize the
      responsibilities that Elohim has placed on us. We are His people and
      YHWH wishes all of us to have a partnership in bring both Torah and
      Messiah to the world. We at the INJS are doing our part (and I
      believe Elohim is pleased with our efforts—yours and mine). Let us
      keep up the good work, and Elohim, I truly believe will reward us

      Again I want to thank you all for your continued support. We depend
      totally on you for financial support for this profound work. We are
      facing a financial shortfall and we would appreciate any help you can
      give us at this time. I am grateful to all of you who support our
      work financially. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      If you believe the work we are doing is important then this
      message is for you: WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

      Since these funds are urgently needed we are asking that if at all
      possible you contribute using Pay Pal ( http://www.paypal.com ).
      Paypal donations should be sent to:

      donations@... (donations "at" beitnetzarim.com)

      In most cases donations made by Paypal reach us instantly.

      If you cannot donate using paypal you can also send donations by
      surface mail to:

      Nazarene Judaism
      Box 471
      Hurst, TX 76053

      Surface mail donations can be made with check or money order
      made out to SANJ.

      James Trimm

      Institute for Nazarene Jewish Studies

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