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303QueryData 1.39 is out!

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  • Jason Rennie
    Sep 15, 2005
      1.39 is available from here:


      As far as I can tell, it works with WordNet 2.1.  Note that I'm not supporting older version of WordNet going forward.  The web page still has links to old version of the module that should work with old versions of WN.

      Note that validForms is buggy (and has been buggy---I don't know if it ever worked "correctly").  Documentation has been updated to reflect this fact.

      As Ben mentioned, WordNet 2.1 moved many hypernym and hyponym relations to "instance of" (inst) and "has instance" (hasi) relations.

      QueryData no longer relies on the lexnames file that used to come with WordNet.

      I removed a lot of old, deprecated code with this release.