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301Re: [wn-perl] QueryData and WordNet 2.1

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  • Ben Haskell
    Sep 15, 2005
      Hi Jason --

      - lexnames: unintentional omission. But, the WordNet C library (and thus,
      also, the browser) hasn't used the file for several versions. The
      equivalent data is compiled in. It hasn't changed since version 1.6, IIRC,
      which makes it pretty static.
      Randee just posted it to our FTP server, since another user asked for it.
      Available at:

      - The new relations are `sense' relations.

      - My WN Perl lib is currently just internal to the lab. Half because it
      doesn't do much error checking. Half because it's not well documented.

      -- Ben Haskell
      -- WordNet Technical Support Specialist

      On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Jason Rennie wrote:

      > Many thanks for the patch. But, still some loose-ends I need to tie up
      > before releasing a new version:
      > - What happened to the lexnames file? Is it no longer part of WordNet? Is
      > there a replacement of some sort?
      > - Are the new relations, inst & hasi, `sense' relations or `word' relations?
      > Thanks,
      > Jason
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