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296Re: [wn-perl] QueryData and WordNet 2.1

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  • Ben Haskell
    Sep 13, 2005
      AFAIK, the only change we made was the addition of 'instances'.

      Instances are specialized hyponyms. e.g. "Ronald Reagan" is no longer a
      hyponym, but an instance, of U.S. President.

      Pointer symbols added are: '@i' and '~i'.

      In my own WN Perl lib, I've added these as 'inst' and 'hasi' (for
      "instance" and "has instance", respectively). I also added 'hypes' (combo
      of '@' and '@i') and 'hypos' (combo of '~' and '~i'), because it's still
      useful to include instances in the hyp(?:o|er)nym hierarchies.

      Untested patch against WN::QD 1.38 at:

      -- Ben Haskell
      -- WordNet Technical Support Specialist

      On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Jason Rennie wrote:

      > QueryData does not work with WordNet 2.1. I haven't had time to figure out
      > what was wrong & make the necessary changes. If anyone can summarize the
      > changes made to the database format, that might help.
      > Jason
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