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285Re: validForms: hating#v -> hate#v hat#v

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  • beata_b_bk
    May 25, 2005
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      --- In wn-perl@yahoogroups.com, Jason Rennie <jrennie@g...> wrote:
      > So, the fix will require a non-trivial amount of restructuring of the
      > QueryData. It might be a few days or weeks before I find the time to
      > work on this.
      > It appears that the first word returned by validForms will always be
      > valid. So, as a short-term fix, I'd suggest that if you're using
      > validForms, you only use the first of the words returned.
      > Jason

      HI, Jason,

      Is there any reason for validForms to return the original, pluralized
      form of a noun? I.e. years#n -> years#n year#n ?

      I am currently taking last element from noun list and first element in
      verb list as my base form defaults.


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