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282Re: [wn-perl] validForms: hating#v -> hate#v hat#v

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  • Ben Haskell
    May 24, 2005
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      Yes, the "rules of detachment" are prioritized. First match with a
      corresponding word in WordNet gets returned.

      (Array definitions below are from morph.c in the WordNet C library)

      Outline of morphstring:

      Return entry from exception list if it exists.

      Return nothing for adverbs. (only check exception list)

      if (NOUN) {
      if (string ends with "ful") { strip the "ful" and remember to add it
      later }
      elsif (string ends with "ss" or is <= 2 characters long) {
      return nothing

      Then the endings that are tested are in the sufx array:

      static char *sufx[] ={
      /* Noun suffixes */
      "s", "ses", "xes", "zes", "ches", "shes", "men", "ies",
      /* Verb suffixes */
      "s", "ies", "es", "es", "ed", "ed", "ing", "ing",
      /* Adjective suffixes */
      "er", "est", "er", "est"

      If a word ends with such an ending, that ending is stripped and
      replaced with the corresponding entry in the addr array:

      static char *addr[] ={
      /* Noun endings */
      "", "s", "x", "z", "ch", "sh", "man", "y",
      /* Verb endings */
      "", "y", "e", "", "e", "", "e", "",
      /* Adjective endings */
      "", "", "e", "e"

      -- Ben Haskell
      -- WordNet Technical Support Specialist

      On Tue, 24 May 2005, Jason Rennie wrote:

      > So, as far as I understand the morphy man page:
      > http://wordnet.princeton.edu/man/morphy.7WN
      > QueryData is doing the "right" thing. There are no entries in
      > verb.exc for hates, dotes, tapes, dines, so QueryData should return
      > hat, dot, tap, din as valid forms of the verbs.
      > Of course, some of the behavior of WordNet may not be completely
      > documented, or it may be that the "rules of detachment" are
      > prioritiezed---only the first match is valid. I don't know what the
      > truth is. If you or anyone else knows or can find out what is going
      > on, I'd be happy to update the QueryData code.
      > Jason
      > WordNet::QueryData web page: http://people.csail.mit.edu/~jrennie/WordNet/
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