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281Re: [wn-perl] validForms: hating#v -> hate#v hat#v

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  • Jason Rennie
    May 24, 2005
      So, as far as I understand the morphy man page:


      QueryData is doing the "right" thing. There are no entries in
      verb.exc for hates, dotes, tapes, dines, so QueryData should return
      hat, dot, tap, din as valid forms of the verbs.

      Of course, some of the behavior of WordNet may not be completely
      documented, or it may be that the "rules of detachment" are
      prioritiezed---only the first match is valid. I don't know what the
      truth is. If you or anyone else knows or can find out what is going
      on, I'd be happy to update the QueryData code.

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