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Re: .

For those wondering why I haven't done anything lately basically I can no longer look at yahoo groups and be able to tolerate it. With that being said WMW will
Nov 18, 2013


As may or may not have noticed, there is a new yahoo groups layout, and this is just my opinion but it is a huge eyesore. I mildly considered a new site to use
Sep 1, 2013

Re: Demons

I'm getting ready for a two day tour so I'll get results going when I return.
Aug 22, 2013

Re: Demons

It's ok, I know it is like to have tech related issues. Then again I've noticed sometimes something would be posted here and I wouldn't see it for a few days.
Aug 20, 2013


*the screen shows Darkness sitting in a barren field surrounded by crows. She lets one land on her finger,as she strokes it. She slowly turns around to the
Crystal W
Aug 9, 2013

Re: Shut up Julie

Julie heard what Lita said Julie: Bring it bitch. I am more deserving than you and it'll be my pleasure to hurt your body like what you see in the Kronus-Ian
Malibu Sean Bateman
Jul 30, 2013

Shut up Julie

Lita hears what Julie said I'm going to enjoy beating the living hell out of you. You don't deserve to be champion. I'm going to break you. Lita smirks as she
Jul 30, 2013

Re: Just stay down

Julie heard what Lita says. Julie: Let's do it at the PPV and I am gonna hurt you. Granted I am a champion now and you will be going through a table or a
Malibu Sean Bateman
Jul 30, 2013

Just stay down

Lita heard what Julie said Hun, it's a new age and trust me. When it comes to here, I'm pretty much a new rookie. Thanks for digging up on me so much. Doesn't
Jul 29, 2013

Re: Still Hardcore

Julie heard what Lita said. Julie: Out of date? me out of date? At least I didn;t retire a loser from the WWE. Granted, you did come back at Raw 1000 and beat
Malibu Sean Bateman
Jul 29, 2013

Still Hardcore

Lita heard what Julie said If you never saw my matches, I've been busted open, hit by trash cans, Kendo sticks, etc. Look here skankwad. Your time as champion
Jul 29, 2013

Re: another battle

Scott heard what his opponent says Scott: me, a bad rash? At least I am not like an unnamed wrestler that a big company is pushing down our throats as
Malibu Sean Bateman
Jul 28, 2013


Julie heard what Lita said. Julie: You extreme? c'mon. I never seen you fight in hardcore matches ever. The only extreme thing I seen you did was that live sex
Malibu Sean Bateman
Jul 28, 2013


Lita is seen in her locker room, admiring herself Tonight, I beat WMW's so called best Hardcore Champion. They don't call me the Xtreme Diva for nothing. It's
Jul 27, 2013


Torrie is seen sitting on a chair Daisy, I heard you were one of the best. Well I don't think that one bit. You see, this is where new legends are made.
Jul 27, 2013
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