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34611RE: [wmlprogramming] email capability

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  • Kenneth Brown
    Dec 16, 2013
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      Devices don't "receive" emails as such. The manufacturer can not turn on a
      function or capability that disables all phones ability to access email...
      Email goes to email servers where it sits and waits for a client know as an
      MUA to connect and access the mail store MTA.

      There is no specific phone capability that determines or controls a phone's
      ability to access or preform as a MUA.

      For example I have clients running very old school WML phones that can get
      "email" through a MUA running on a tuned webmail interface. Or they have a
      MUA client on the phone itself.

      Just send your email both RFC and MIME compliant and you should have no
      issues with anyone reading it.
      And it should scale down to a old school MUA.

      Kenneth Brown

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      Hi there,

      I was wondering which wurfl capability(ies) to use to work out whether a
      device is likely to be able to receive emails.

      Not sure why there is no such capability; may be because it's not directly
      linked to the handset but to whether an email client has been installed or

      Anyway, with what is available today, may be I could go by detecing
      smartphones based on xhtml_support_level = 4 (possibly 3).

      Thank you for any better suggestion or comments...



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