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[SupermanRickReed2004] Fwd: [Gore in 2004] Mention My Name To AL GORE, and He WILL Burn Your Ears!!!

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  • Rick Reed
    Rick Reed wrote: From Rick Reed Wed Sep 25 13:47:31 2002 To: president-al-gore@yahoogroups.com, supermanrickreed2004@yahoogroups.com,
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      Rick Reed wrote:
      From Rick Reed Wed Sep 25 13:47:31 2002
      To: president-al-gore@yahoogroups.com, supermanrickreed2004@yahoogroups.com,
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      From: Rick Reed
      Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 13:47:31 -0700 (PDT)

      Subject: [SupermanRickReed2004] Fwd: [Gore in 2004] Mention My Name To AL GORE, and He WILL Burn Your Ears!!!

      AL GORE: "How ARE you, RICK???"
      Rick REED: "I AM better!!! Even if I AM lying when I say it...Once I have said it... I AM!!!"

      Rick Reed wrote:
      From Rick Reed Wed Sep 25 13:01:21 2002
      To: gorein2004@yahoogroups.com, gore2004worldwidepd@yahoogroups.com,
      president-al-gore@yahoogroups.com, supermanrickreed@yahoogroups.com

      From: Rick Reed
      Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 13:01:21 -0700 (PDT)

      Subject: [Gore in 2004] Mention My Name To AL, and He WILL Burn Your Ears!!!

      Rick Reed wrote: AL Gore is Used To This RxR Stuff!!!

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      Subject: Rick REED Meets The World's Leader in Promoteing Buddhism...Uh-Oh!

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      Hi and How are You? Praise God, and Greetings!

      Brooks Art Museum and Gallery, in Memphis, TN, sponsored a lecture and art Exhibit Last Sept 22nd, after waiting for it's turn for four years as the man was so booked up. He is the world's leader in promoteing Buddhism and Tibetan Art, wisdom and compassion. The lecture and slide series were free, but to view the exhibit you had to pay, receiving a button to wear so the guards could see that you had paid.

      I was one of the first to arrive, and sat down front in an isle seat near the podium, and as the auditorium darkened, I remained in the light at floor level near the speaker, as the auditorium rose from that point, to the rear of the room.

      I wore my blue Superman t-shirt. A matching black suit coat and vest, with pants, and white tennis shoes, black ball cap.

      I took off the cap, coat and sat in the aisle seat with my legs out in the aisle, turned to face the back of the autiorium so all that entered and filled the auditorium would easily see my bright shirt.

      When the Director of the Museum introduced the man, she said that he had been voted as in the top twenty-five in the Nation as the Most Influential man in America by Time Magazine, and I knew there was going to be a hot time in the cold town that afternoon.

      He began his speach with "This WHOLE Event is JUST for YOU!! YOU are the MOST important person in this room. YOU are SOOOO Special. YOU are "IT"!! ".............(Uh-Oh!!!).

      Several times throughout his lecture he asked a question similar to "Did you get that?", but kept talking and never allowed anyone a chance to respond till he finally paused too long after asking "Do you follow me?"...to which I screamed in the tradition form.."Would you run that by me ONE more time?". The audience roared and I can safely say I got more laughter than he did in any of his attempts to be cute.

      Before the slide presentation and at the end of the lecture, he asked if there were any questions and I was the FIRST to respond: "IF this WHOLE event is JUST for me, and I AM the MOST Important person in this room, and I AM sooo special, and I AM "It"...(Pointing to my Superman shirt)...THEN...I want that Brooks Museum General Admission Badge you are wearing, as I AM unemployed and I can't afford to get into the exhibit and I want to seee that STUFF".

      He began to pause uncomfortably and started to stutter with "Well..I..UH..Guess I won't have any trouble...uh...getting in"...and proceeded to undo the badge from his laple. I raced up on stage full of glee...and stood beside him as he handed it to me, smiling like a bandit....Superman! (It's not easy. It's not easy to be..Rick REED)

      I pinned it to my Obvious VA ID Card that was on my vest's left side, and strutted my t-shirt to the audience, laughed, and turned to go to my seat, but spun around, kicked my left leg behind me, to reveal my matching blue socks, and extended my right arm out to him to shake his hand. It took him a few seconds to shake my hand and he was obviuolsy uncomfortable. The crowd was like a low buzz ...like some electrical motor humming. I sat.

      The rest of the crowd pretty much grilled him more so than I had ever seen in any lecture, actually challengeing him and the Buddhist philosophy. One woman after I sat down did say "Were you just HELPING him?". He said..."No, that was DEMONSTRATION".

      During the entire slide presentation which was rather lengthy, as everyone else sat upright as the norm in their seats, me in my aisle seat, sat half way extended out into the aisle, in
      The Thinker's" statue position. Standing in line to meet him afterwards, I chose to be last, as he did talk at great length to many. Sitting on the edge of the stage, photographers came up and asked for my name, etc, and asked to photograph me. I told them ONLY if they sent me a copy, as I had my picture taken all the time and never got to see copies. They are SUPPOSED to send me copies after I gave them my address, and they remembered the politics fropm the past. One guy thought I was someone named John McIntire, whoever that is.

      Speaking to the lectutrer, I asked him if his deafness that he mentioned earlier was due to tinnatis, as I had the roaring in my ears, he only said "NO", and turned to leave. I grabbed him by the elbow and said "Thanks"...and he left without another word. Though the man was labled by Time Magazine as one of the Top 25 MOST Influential Men in America, I let HIM and over two hundred of my fellow Memphians KNOW that a Tennessee Hillbilly could INFLUENCE HIM...into doing something for ME...Rick REED...free Admissiion into an eXhibit that EVERYONE had to pay for. Plus, on a personal level, as a Christian, in The Bible Belt, we know that WE are NOT "IT"...our God is......WEEEEEE!

      The video was probably for the Museums' library or it will be on PBS locally or something. If you are interested in getting a copy, write:

      Brooks Meseum of Art
      1934 Poplar
      Memphis, TN 38104

      Rick REED
      Rick Reed Enterprises
      Suite 2
      180 Clark Place, Memphis, TN 38104


      Go ahead and just let people think you are dumb. No reason to open your mouth and leave them no doubt.

      Do you Yahoo!? (I don't see why not-not....uh, WHO's there?") May Geoferry Dahlmer rest in...pieces!
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      Too Much Love from Rick.....RxR....Chooo! Choooo!


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