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72Re: a petition to the governer of Arkans

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  • bch882001
    Sep 4, 2003
      --- In wm3wronglyaccused@yahoogroups.com, Seterna wrote:
      > I just added my name to what I hope will finally
      > help those poor boys. Lets all pray a little harder
      > for them. My lifestyle is also a little odd, scares
      > me to think I could get rail-roaded because of it.
      I am not a bible thumping preacher who thinks everyone is f@#ked if
      they dont think like me. I am not classist, racist, a womanizer, or
      nazi. I have peircings, tattoos, shitty parents, and a lifestyle
      that most you "goths" would be scared of. I am also not scared of
      being "railroaded" because I never carved up three little
      kids...unlike the Memphis Three. They are killlllllers. Wake up and
      smell real life. Please. I know you're only 14 but your baby needs a
      role model, and these idiots are not it.
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