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44injustice not 4 all 4 only 3

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  • azariah322000
    Nov 13, 2001
      i been in contact with jason and damien and there
      familys with me moving constantly and them also ive lost
      track of things but memories of me in lakeshore remain
      of the beating i yook when i asked about the guilty
      i was right is why i got the beating id do it again
      i asked all the right answers and some1 found out
      and ordred my pain i moved from there i recently went
      on vaction for 6 months i not know whats new with
      the case i need answers help me and if u want details
      on what happened with me email me and with new info
      email me bye.we love and miss u
      3.....azariah322000@...(damien and jason u and your family knows who i am
      contact me at my email)azariah322000@...
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