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Re: [West Constables] Waivers

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  • Liane Kennedy
    Note that my replies were only for the Megan forms , which are still extant. I disagree with Kate about the waivers- one of the ideas was to have EVERYONE
    Message 1 of 16 , Feb 11, 2004
      Note that my replies were only for the "Megan forms", which are still extant. I disagree with Kate about the
      waivers- one of the ideas was to have EVERYONE sign the waiver so we wouldn't have to get anal about checking
      ID's. I know quite a bit about the Megan forms are we corresponded back & forth a lot while she was doing them.
      It is true that if someone has a current waiver on file- we don't need a sig. However, there really is no way to
      KNOW any given person has a current waiver on file (ID cards are not 100% proof, as we all know). Thus, if
      everyone signs, then very little checking of ID's is NEEDED. YMMV, and you may insist on ID's- or not. But they
      are not required by *Corpora* IF everyone signs the waiver. Corpora requires ID's to be checked- up to the
      amount of risk if the member status is incorrect. Thus for Crown- they have to be fairly strict. If "members' get
      in without signing a waiver- then you have to be nearly as sure . But if the only "risk" is the $3NMS- which the
      WKWC will pay anyway- then the level of ID checking required by Corpora is low indeed. So low that "are you a
      member" could qualify. YMMV. This is the reason behind the "Megan forms" and if you don't make EVERYONE sign,
      you are taking that calculated risk, and are also ruining the whole reason behind those forms.

      For example- someone comes in, and says they are a member, and flashes a blue card. You let them in without
      signing. But it turns out (later, after they get hurt) their membership expired last month. Ooops. But if they
      signed, we're covered anyway. Or you get a newbie constable at the gate, and they let in folks with a white card
      (white cards are Members, but they don't have a waiver on file in Milpitas). Or- someone has their roomies card,
      or whatever. Do you really match the SCA membership card with a current Photo ID, and check the exp date also?
      There is no way we can do that at the gate. Not tobmention there is abpretty long gap after sending in your check
      before your card is updated. So- the Megan forms were designed so that it didn't matter- everyone signs. Which
      is why kinder can't be signed in on that form!

      But if new forms are coming out- disregard what I said.... once they are. Or, if the current High Constable and
      Seneschal wants to take the risk of folks getting in without having a waiver signed -somewhere. Used to be not as
      critical, but .....

      Of course, once we get the retinal scan & fingerprint machines which will instantly connect with Milpitas to
      verify ID & member status, then we'll know for sure, right? <g>
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