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West Kingdom Constable's Report

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    For everyone s information, this is the report I gave at the West Kingdom Officer s meeting last Sunday. Al West Kingdom Constable Report November 2, 2003
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      For everyone's information, this is the report I gave at the West Kingdom
      Officer's meeting last Sunday.


      West Kingdom Constable Report
      November 2, 2003

      Incidences of note:

      No incidences of note have been reported by the Principality constables.

      At October Crown there were four incidences that bear reporting:

      Domestic/live steel incident: On Friday, a domestic/live steel incident was
      reported to the constables. Upon investigation we discovered a couple
      having a disagreement. The female was cleaning her knife after cutting
      cheese and in the process of the disagreement she used her hands to
      punctuate her speech, and inadvertently threatening by virtue of the knife
      still in her hand. I went and spoke with both parties, paying particular
      attention to warning her not to use the knife as a pointing device. I also
      warned both that if they couldn't get along at the event I would ask them to
      leave. There were no further problems with this couple for the remainder of
      the weekend.

      Early in the evening on Saturday, there was a domestic disturbance at the
      front gate. A witness called for a constable, and John McShea answered the
      call as he just arrived in the area. He was able to difuse the situation.
      The female was attending the event, her husband was not. The Constable and
      His Highness of Cynagua convinced the male to leave the site peacefully.
      There were no further incidences with this couple. I wish to commend the
      Constable for his actions, I have received many compliments related to his
      actions, and I thank His Highness Erik for his assistance.

      On Saturday night a member of the populace called the Police by cell phone
      regarding a loud and obnoxious drunk. The Constabulary was not called in,
      however, they did happen on the scene once the police were on site. I did
      not find out about this incident until it was reported to me and the
      Constable in Charge on Sunday morning. The person who made the call is
      known to me and this incident does cause me some concern mainly in that this
      person may continue to call the police without contacting the constabulary
      so that we can handle minor problems "in-house." Our policy is to use the
      constabulary first unless the situation dictates the local authorities are
      to be called. With the permission of His Majesty, I am going to speak with
      this person to clarify our processes with her unless another option is

      On Sunday morning, a constable, Stephen Lacy, witnessed a man yank a child
      from a vehicle by her arm and throw her back into the vehicle by her arm and
      then start striking her. She was 6 years old. I arrived on scene by chance
      a few seconds later and he and I seperated the two. We spoke to the girl
      and she was afraid that if we left her father would continue his attack. At
      that time, I left Lacey there with the situation under control. I contacted
      His Majesty and the Kingdom Seneschal to apprise them of the situation. I
      contacted Master Brocc and we returned to the scene and contacted the
      police. When the police came, we all gave our reports, the Sheriff decided
      to call an ambulance. Several attempts were made to reach a responsible
      adult in the family to take custody of the other children (3). The Police
      decided to call Child Protective Services because a check revealed a prior
      history of abuse. The girl was taken to the hospital for evaluation, the
      father was taken into custody, the remaining underage children were taken by
      Child Protective Services, and the remaining older child was given a ride
      home by a member of the populace who is known and trusted by me. The
      vehicle was towed to impound. At this time and to my knowledge, neither I,
      nor the other constable have been contacted further by the police.

      Each of these incidences were handled with a minimal disturbance to the
      event. In actuality, very few people know that anything happened at all.
      This is a commendation to my constables for the excellent work they did at
      this event.

      Constable's Handbook:

      My attempts to get a copy of the partially re-written handbook have failed.
      I am starting to re-write it from the beginning. I hope to have a draft for
      perusal and comment by the next officer's meeting.

      On-going recruitment of new constables and their training:

      We have had a lot of interest lately in the Constabulary. I have added 5
      new constables since the last meeting. They are currently in training both
      with me and with other Senior Constables in their areas. Hopefully, upon
      the successful completion of their training, we will have enough constables
      so that our staff is not continually overworked as they are now.

      Thus ends my report,

      In Service,

      Alberic Wolf
      West Kingdom Constable

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