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RE: [West Constables] Re: Tenative New Sign In Sheet

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  • Kenneth Flores
    Thank you, I m cc ing the Kingdom exchequer on this one (even though I think she s on this list). We have been playing with the colors to see if any work
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 20 9:38 AM
      Thank you, I'm cc'ing the Kingdom exchequer on this one (even though I
      think she's on this list). We have been playing with the colors to see
      if any work better than others. I know that originally the green we
      were using for the Cash portion wouldn't allow you to write on top of
      it. So people couldn't put amount paid.

      But it is an excel sheet. All you have to do is select the column and
      change its color to remove it. And feel free to do so. They don't all
      have to be pretty like that.


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      We used the new sign in sheets at our latest event, Spring Captaincy. I
      was not able to attend due to work but the consensus I have heard is
      that the new format worked well, the order of the columns was a very
      good reminder to all. Our only problem was with the colored columns, for
      some reason our printer made them too dark so we modified the color
      scheme, very minor issue with the form. Thank you for creating the new
      Now if we can get everyone to bring their member cards and actually
      enter their member number rather than checking the box or entering

      Winter's Gate

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      > Good Constables of the West,
      > After discussing with a few of the officers of the West, we are going
      to be trying a slight change to the sign in sheets. In the files section
      of the Yahoo group, you will find it under "Copy of Gate Spreadsheet for
      > The main difference is that the Amount Paid and member/non member
      information is placed before the signature portion of the document. This
      is to encourage the populace to fill this out completely and not just
      sign their names and not fill out the amount paid. It is my hope that
      this will make gate resolution a little bit easier. I will be test
      running this format at White Shield this weekend as well as at March
      Crown (One local event test run, and one kingdom one.
      > In the past, we just kept tacking on more and more columns to the end
      of the sheet which is where our old format came from. This one may look
      strange at first, but it is my hope that it works out in the long run.
      If this sheet does work, I will be deleting the old sign in sheet forms
      from this site so we only use one type of form. I am still seeing forms
      from two or three revisions back being used at events and if there is a
      universal form that we all are using, there will be less complaints from
      the populace.
      > I hope to see everyone at March Crown, I'll be going over these sheets
      and how they are working then. Now if you'll excuse me I have more prep
      work on cooking White Shield this weekend.
      > - Francisco
      > Kingdom Constable

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