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  • revchewie
    Just to clarify a few things (not any sort of lecture here, just want to make sure I m clear)... As Kate said, this isn t an official list. For those who
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2003
      Just to clarify a few things (not any sort of lecture here, just want
      to make sure I'm clear)...

      As Kate said, this isn't an official list. For those who didn't read
      it (and really, who *does* read those things, right?!) here's the
      blurb from the home page on Yahoo Groups for this list (everything
      between the double-quotes):
      ""Nothing special here. Just an informal email group so that the
      constables of the West Kingdom can keep in touch, share information,
      B.S., etc.
      If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out www.sca.org for
      more info on our group. Also www.westkingdom.org
      Boilerplate: This Yahoo group isn't actually part of anything. Nobody
      official has anything *official* to do with it and this is not an
      appropriate place for dissemination of official policy. Specifically,
      this group is neither endorsed by nor an official publication of the
      Society for Creative Anachronism or any official group thereof. (See
      the "informal" bit above.)""

      I put this in when I created the group, before I even let anyone know
      about its existence. This is how I envisioned the group. Now, this
      doesn't mean we can't discuss things of an official nature, just that
      sending something to the list should not be construed as official
      notification. If for no other reason than, as Kate mentioned, not all
      rostered constables are on this list (and as Euriol mentioned, not all
      on the list are rostered).

      Now, I don't think that everyone on the list *needs* to be a rostered
      constable, nor do I think that every rostered constable needs to be on
      the list. Of course, it'd be impossible to get everyone on here, since
      not everyone has `net access (shocking though that thought is :-).

      Also, I don't want to come off as some autocratic despot on this list.
      (I know, nobody said I was. As I said above, I just want to make sure
      I'm clear.) Just because I'm the moderator doesn't mean nobody else
      has a say in how the list goes. I'm not the King, so my word isn't
      law. <grin> That's why I asked for opinions before just going ahead
      and posting to the West List that there's a Constables' list and
      here's how to join. This is, or I'd like it to be, a community where
      everyone has a say. I may do things without asking the list, but
      they'd be things that seem to me to be blatantly obviously Good
      Things(tm). Publicizing the list, as a counter-example, has its pros
      and cons, so I asked what people think.

      The only time I'll "lay down the law" is if things are getting too
      Things to remember when emotions run high:
      1. This is a game. A hobby.
      2. We're here to have fun. If we're not having fun, we're doing
      something wrong.
      3. We're all friends here. Just because we disagree, don't take it
      4. This is a game! Enjoy yourselves!

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