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Rivenoak Championship Tourney September 11

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  • Greg Williams
    Remember, if you want some of Lord Hyme’s Famous Chicken, pre orders must be in asap! Please call the Pit Master (Hyme) @ (530)370-9357 ... Baron Gregory
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      Remember, if you want some of Lord Hyme’s Famous Chicken, pre orders must be
      in asap! Please call the Pit Master (Hyme) @ (530)370-9357


      Baron Gregory has lamented upon the fact that the swords and bows of his
      warriors have been so active in lands beyond the sheltering boughs of our
      mighty riven oak but have been silent of late within its shade. We, his
      subjects and friends, have taken it upon us to remind him of the strong
      steel and deadly arrows that he has at his disposal. So Rivenoak calls
      forth all those who would step up to fight for the honor of being known as
      Champion. We shall be choosing a Champion from both the heavy and light
      classes of fighters.

      But wait, there’s more!

      As Their Excellencies look toward the future, They also cast their dread
      eyes to our past. We remember our beginnings as a humble shire and We
      remember our first event reenacting a great battle of Middle Earth. So we
      are having a Birthday Party for our Barony to rival the Hobbit Bilbo’s party
      in that other Shire!

      Sadly, chores must still be done before we can play but where are all the
      husband folk? They were last sighted sneaking into the Green Dragon for a
      tankard of the finest Ale in the South Farthing! Can their wives track them
      down and then scold these intoxicated hobbits off to finish the work that
      needs to be done? Can these same boys make it back to the Dragon before the
      ale is gone?

      Find out at our Drunken Honey Do Race!

      And finally, what’s a party without food?

      Our own Lord Hyme is once again offering to roast chicken for $6 per ½ bird.

      Please pre order you chicken by contacting Hyme at (530)370-9357 (texting
      preferred). Please note that Hyme DOES NOT have computer access so any
      reservations MUST be via phone or text.

      We are also asking that everybody bring some food to share with the rest of
      the shire at our evening dinner.

      When and Where-

      September 11, 2010

      10am to 6pm

      12206 Meridian Road, Chico 95973 Note, this is a private residence

      To get there, head west on Highway 32 from Chico, towards Hamilton City.
      Just when all the buildings really end (right after you cross a bridge),
      turn left (south) onto Meridian Road. Cross Mud Creek bridge; it's the
      first driveway on the left at the base of the bridge, on the near side of
      the giant hedge. There WILL be SCA signs on Highway 32 so you won’t miss
      Meridian Road.

      Looking forward to seeing everybody,

      Gregor Arthurson


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