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Re: [West Constables] To cash box or not to cash box....... that is an easy question

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  • Daniel Wagner
    Ok, I hear you. However, I need your personal details (which are best sent to my email, not this list, but if you want your Name(s), email, address, group &
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2008
      Ok, I hear you.

      However, I need your personal details (which are best sent to my email, not this list, but if you want your Name(s), email, address, group & phone numbers posted here, fine by me <g>). You will be Rostered as a Senior, not Warrented as a cash-box Constable.

      Remember, Seniors, I still need to *roster* you, for which I do need: Name(s), email, address, group & phone numbers. This is different than a Warrent for which I need that info, + the form, + drivers lic + membership card. Bill? Ivan? Bethia? Christophe?

      This is valuable discussion. Keep it up, folks.


      Marc Boyett <mistermurphy@...> wrote:
      My Lord Wulfstan,

      I started this membership being a MERCHANT, who (are you ready for
      this) was dealing with at times THOUSANDS of dollars per event. Much
      more than I have ever seen at our events, so with that in mind I do
      believe that I can make change without too much trouble.
      In my mundane life I have worked at many convienience stores and of all
      things that I was responsible for, money was at the top of that list.
      With that same token, I have been a Peace Officer, Gate Guard, Roving
      patrol, Assisted in Crowd Control (Rancho Chico Days Riot), dealt with
      domestic disputes for a private Police force, and even put out a fire
      or two. Now do I have the right qualifications... I think so.
      But... How many mundane concerts have you been to where the security
      for an event sold you a ticket? Probably not many. Escorted the person
      with the cash box to a secure location, most definately, but actually
      handled the money for the event...rarely.
      My suggestion would be this, Tell the person that made the suggestion
      to disallow the Constables from handling money without being "Specially
      Warrented" that WE will handle the security for the event, WE will be a
      presence at the gate, WE will deal with mundane law issues, WE will
      monitor the fire laws, WE will keep the peace, but THEY can deal with
      the money. In other words, WE, the Police of the Society will take care
      of the laws that the King has set forth, and THEY, the Treasurers of
      the Society can be the cashiers. See what they say then.

      As for me, I am putting in my formal notice right now:

      My Lord Kingdom Constable,
      You may roster me as a Senior Constable. I will uphold the laws passed
      down by Their Majesties, Thier Highnesses, and Their Excellencies. I
      shall keep the peace in accordance with the laws of the land. I shall
      keep the land safe from fire. And I will ensure the safety of all
      attending an event for as long as I am needed.
      I will not, under the Badge of the Constabulary, handle, recieve, or
      give any moneys from Gate, nor will I give my permission to be rostered
      to do so.

      Lord Bran MacMurraugh Senior Constable

      Now, I may have just committed Society Suicide and if that is the case
      so be it. But I am sticking to my principles, Cops don't deal with
      money, Treasurers do.

      In Service

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