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Autocrats & Constables

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  • Liane Kennedy
    Some one emailed me, and suggested I spread this around. Many of you have got this already, if so, I apologize.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2003
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      Some one emailed me, and suggested I spread this around. Many of you have got
      this already, if so, I apologize.

      > I know that an Autocrat has many sources to turn to for help in organizing
      > an event. But not everyone knows everything- or if in the case of our
      > Consulting Tourneymaster- indeed he may KNOW everything without remembering
      > it all. <g> (And you Autocrats do know to consult with that very valuable
      > resource, yes?). But still, the Constabulary/Autocrat partnership has
      > several aspects that are best explained by a Constable. Some of this only
      > applies to- and is aimed at- the Autocrats of Kingdom & Principality level
      > events.
      > 1. Who is your Constable-in-Charge? Important to know. He will act as your
      > Deputy if needs be, especially if you don't have a large staff and need to
      > leave the site on Friday. The Kingdom/Principality Constable will either be
      > the CinC, or appoint a delegate to handle this. You need to be able to get
      > along with him. Sometimes we put a trainee in this job, in which case there
      > will be a Mentor for him. (Note I use the masculine pronoun to include both
      > sexes here, there are many female Constables). Even if the Kingdom Constable
      > is at a site, if he has appointed a CinC, try to work with the CinC first.
      > The position of the "higher" Constable at a site where they have appointed a
      > CinC is analogous to a Admiral visiting the bridge of a Captain's ship.
      > At Large events, there is often also a "Gate Captain" Constable who handles
      > the Gate on one or more days. You can go directly to them on gate matters.
      > 2. Seed money for the gate fees. You arrange this with the Exchequer.
      > Consulting with the CinC as to amounts & types of bill is a good idea, tho.
      > In general, rarely will you need less than $150 for seed money = $100 in 1's,
      > $50 in 5's.
      > On the matter of Site fees, remember to try not to set a site fee with weird
      > amounts of small bills required to make change of a twenty. If you're
      > looking at a $9 site fee, maybe it is better to go to an even $10. If your
      > site fee is $8, remember the NMS will make that $11. And, when you set the
      > fee for minors, take this into consideration- for example,if the Site fee for
      > adults is $8, don't set the site fee for minors @ $4- make it $5 or 0. On
      > that- if the site fee is high enough, seriously consider a "3 tiered" site
      > fee. So if the site fee is going to be $10, try for a "10/5/0" spread, with
      > 0 for minors 5 and under, and $5 for minors 6 to 14. Or something. Of
      > course, you're going to set the site fee to make sure you cover your expenses
      > and a bit more, but there is usually "fudge' room on the minor fees, if
      > nowhere else.
      > Add'l note- do any get in free? If so, let the CinC or Gate Captain know. In
      > the West, it is Custom for the Royals to pay at camping events- however, they
      > may decide not to pay at any one event, per Their Whim. But you can also let
      > a few Staff in free. In the Mists, those who bring horses to share get in
      > free, too.
      > 3. Parking. Setting up the parking falls on the Autocrat. Enforcing
      > general good parking manners is something both do. So, you will need a
      > dedicated spot for Royals & "Handicapped'- and maybe Officers, too. Make
      > sure there is plenty of spaces for Handicapped parking! And, if/when those
      > fill up, have a back up plan. If necessary, I'll park Handicapped in the
      > Royal area, but.... Then we have RV's. Some go to an event, but sleep in
      > their RV. You should plan for this, and tell the CinC or Gate Captain what
      > you decided- and that goes for all parking. Equestrians should have a
      > special parking area, with plenty of room for those trailers & access being
      > more important than "close". At some events, where parking is short, and the
      > lot is not marked, you may want a "Parking Czar" to run the parking.
      > 4. Site handouts & tokens- obvious. But try not to have many things for the
      > Gate to remember to tell folks or to hand out. If you know the area well,
      > have a map for the gate crew with hospitals & stores on it. Remember the
      > Gate- send them volunteers! This is critical if the Gate is more than a
      > casual walk away from Camp. Make sure the Herald mentions this during his
      > Shout. Note that kinder as young as 8 can be a great help at gate.
      > 5. Radios- at large spread out events, you'll need these. One for the Gate,
      > maybe one for the Merchants Liaison, the CinC, your Deputy, the Chirugeon?
      > 6. Access roads & paths thru camp, and into the Eric. Need to be able to
      > bring an ambulance all the way thru. "Stakes & flagging" is your friend
      > here. If someone sets up blocking this road, don't be afraid to tell them to
      > move.
      > 7. Plenty of signage so that folks find the event. You think you have
      > enough? Do more. Myself, I put out a "flashy-thingee" to mark the "turn in"
      > at night. But I'm not always there (it just seems like it<g>), and maybe you
      > should arrange one of these yourself if the turn in is hard to see in the
      > dark. Folks seem to like this small extra. No one ever complains the signs
      > are too clear & obvious <g>.
      > 8. Waivers, sunshade, a table, cashbox, lights etc- these we handle. But if
      > we don't need to bring a table or something, be sure to let us know. At one
      > site there was actually a guard shack for us, with electric lights &
      > everything. This was wonderful, but then I had schlepped a bunch of stuff I
      > didn't need.
      > 9. Noise Curfew. If there is no mundane considerations, consult with the
      > Royals and the CinC. Be sure to let folks know if the site owner has a firm
      > rule.
      > Now, this is a list of 9 things just for the Constable/Autocrat interaction.
      > Maybe the Lists, Marshals, Chirurgeon, etc have similar lists?
      > Finally, if some find this useful, you may print it as you wish- just spell
      > my name right <g>.
      > Wulfstan Darroldson, Chief Constable
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