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Re: Oops! [West Constables] Heya, Cousins...lots of stuff about May Coronet here...

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  • Brendan McNeill O'Neill
    Oops, I meant to reply privately, and didn t check the address I was replying to. Apologies, Brendan ... From: Brendan McNeill O Neill To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2007
      Oops, I meant to reply privately, and didn't check the address I was replying to.


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      From: Brendan McNeill O'Neill <say_oyez@...>
      To: wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 3:31:46 PM
      Subject: Re: [West Constables] Heya, Cousins...lots of stuff about May Coronet here...

      Greeetings Gwyn,

      I'm pretty new to the constables' world, but I'm totally willing to help out. I was pestering you at March Crown about constables' stuff, and you had me do a fire walk on Saturday night. Because I'm new to this, I'll need to tap into some of that training you're talking about. But I want to be as useful as possible, so I'm willing to learn whatever you're willing to teach.

      I've got a couple of other things that I'm going to want to do over the course of the weekend, which involve being on or near the field at particular times. I'm helping with some fencing Saturday, and heralding for the tourney Sunday. It sounds like most of the constabulary work at gate comes in shifts though, so I'm sure things can be organized around it.

      So, should I just find you at the first opportunity when you're not sleeping, and go from there?

      Yours In Service,
      Brendan McNeill O'Neill

      "Vert, three escutcheons Or."

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      From: Glenn <ggorsuch@...>
      To: wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 1:28:53 PM
      Subject: [West Constables] Heya, Cousins...lots of stuff about May Coronet here...

      Item One:

      As some of you, if not most of you, are aware, at events where it

      isn't possible or practical to separate human people from horses, we

      have to have everyone sign an Equestrian Waiver. May Coronet is

      going to be one such event.

      So, at our fine front gate for Coronet, we're going to have our

      normal waivers AND the EQ waivers. Initially, we just had to have

      adults sign the EQ waivers. However, the Kingdom EQ marshal just

      passed this on to me....

      ---begin copied text---

      I've been asked to pass along the Society Marshal's instructions on

      how to handle Equestrian Waivers for Minor participants.

      For example, I would print:

      Kim Bulot-Smith as parent on behalf of Trystan Bulot-Smith, my

      signature, date

      Can you send this on to the Constables list for me. Thanks.


      West KEO

      ---end copied note---

      Yes, this is a pain in our (and everyone's) posteriors. If you're

      curious, the reasons for these separate EQ waivers is due to a quirk

      in MUNDANE insurance law, not SCA policy, so until there's a fix,

      expect to see more of this sort of thing.

      Item Two:


      May Coronet, as far as the Constabulary goes, is going to be

      somewhat tricky. We have to keep the Gate open a whole extra day,

      with just the same number of people we usually have. So all you

      attendee constables.. .I want YOU. Second point: About now, you're

      thinking "Well, at least we have the Exchequers and Seneschals to

      call on for extra help for the Gate." And...we -won't- be using

      their help that weekend. Why? March Crown. March Crown we had a

      large discrepancy between the site fees collected and the number of

      people who signed in. Why was this error made? I don't know. I

      can -guess-, but I don't want to know for sure. In a sense, it

      doesn't matter. We're -not- going to let those mistakes happen


      This means that ALL the waivers are going to be filled out

      correctly. I can't do much for the training of other officers, but

      I CAN ensure that WE do things correctly. So, at Cynaguan events

      until I KNOW we're doing it right (and can attest this to whomever

      might be concerned), -we're- going to be in the hot seat. The

      person sitting the cashbox is going to be responsible for a number

      of things, all of which will be posted at the Gate. Clipboard

      runners will have their own responsibilities. Those will also be

      posted. I, or my deputy, will be checking to make sure this is

      done. We're going to be training left and right. And...expect to

      sign a new warrant. I want my records to be up to the minute to

      date. If you know constables NOT on this list, pass this on to


      Does this sound like work? You darn betcha. In the end, though, it

      means less work for everyone if we -all- do this right, and in the

      same way. So don't be scared off. I want your body for

      volunteering. Specifically, I want -2- shifts of two hours each for

      Gate at Coronet, those of you who are attending. In addition, I

      want your commitment to one night watch. If we all do that, we'll

      have PLENTY of bodies and full coverage for the whole weekend.

      Possibly even that's overkill. But I'd rather have too many bodies

      than not enough--because I can tell you that I get amazingly surly

      if I have to go hunting for a "volunteer" when I should be eating

      dinner with my wife and household.

      If you have questions about this stuff, please email me...

      Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr

      your friendly neighborhood Cynaguan Constable


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