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[West Constables] Re: I need some clarification

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  • Adam
    there are different types of pain in this world, the severe pain caused by injury and the pain caused by conditions and things that cant be helped, lets say i
    Message 1 of 18 , Mar 17, 2007
      there are different types of pain in this world, the severe pain
      caused by injury and the pain caused by conditions and things that
      cant be helped, lets say i had a chronic pain condition, would that
      mean i shouldn't play at all? my apologies if that sounded rude or
      scathing it was not meant as such, and i am in no way disagreeing with
      the "in the car" idea, but the idea that a person should stop doing
      something that they love.

      --- In wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com, "Glenn Gorsuch" <ggorsuch@...>
      > Ali...
      > When I shattered my heel a few years ago (yes, Abu, Auntie, I know,
      > don't fly!), I made the difficult decision that for a while, *I*
      > be doing that much camping. It's important to remember that what we
      do here
      > is only a PART of our lives (no, it's not *just* a game, but I don't
      > too many folks have died for lack of SCA contact). If I was in
      enough pain
      > that I needed a morphine drip to stay functional, should I be
      camping? I
      > would sincerely hope that if someone had -that- much of a health issue,
      > they'd carefully consider what they should and shouldn't be
      doing...as well
      > as what their attendance means to those around them. I mean, I
      *could* have
      > made it to more events. I wouldn't have been able to set up my own
      > of camp, I wouldn't have been able to help much in the kitchen, and...I
      > wouldn't have been able to do diddly for the Constabulary, as it
      > So I limited my participation until I COULD participate safely and
      > healthily...since in my mind, the SCA isn't a spectator sport. I didn't
      > want to "force" my friends and family to accomodate me, even though
      I knew
      > they would.
      > That said, I do admire those who don't let personal adversity drive them
      > under. I'll gladly take a hand if asked to help push someone's
      > around an event, or help out with getting a pavillion set up. But to
      > paraphrase something that someone I admire once said, "You don't
      have the
      > right to force *your* SCA event on someone else." I shouldn't have
      to deal
      > with someone's marijuana any more than you should be *compelled* to
      sit with
      > me and study early Welsh period cooking techniques and foodstuffs in our
      > camp kitchen (but do stop by if you're interested!).
      > As to the expectation of privacy in one's tent...would that it were
      > it isn't. We camp in a world of nylon and canvas...and those aren't
      > to do a thing to stop smoke from drifting. Especially since, at most
      > events, we're ALL rather close neighbors. Your car is able to be sealed
      > nearly air-tight, and your home has the same capacity...along with space
      > between it and those living near you. Your tent? Not so much.
      It's much
      > the same thing with noises from one's tent. Do you really have the
      > expectation of privacy when you utter those screams of rapturous delight
      > with your partner's prowess, while camping at an event? (yes, I'm
      > Hugh, Kellyn, cue up Silhouettes, please :)).
      > And just to add a little more fuel to the smoking fire...another current
      > court case. Californian woman, with marijuana perscription.
      According to
      > medical testimony, she'll *die* without it. She's been convicted in a
      > FEDERAL court for drug possession...and the case is currently
      working its
      > way up the appeals ladder. And yes, she was IN the State when
      accused. So,
      > please pardon the pun, but remember, at this time, California law is
      NOT the
      > highest in the land...
      > Gwyn
      > On 3/14/07, aliofthealiness <achrutherford@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I just wanted to put in my two cents here. As for the whole "well
      > > maybe you shouldn't be camping" thing, I know alot of people with
      > > their cards who take it for quality of life just as someone who
      > > takes vicodin everyday would. I also understand how some people are
      > > deathly allergic to smoke and I as most smokers I know are courteous
      > > to those around them. While we are not the police and don't "arrest"
      > > people and the law does state with a card you can smoke it your car
      > > or home and not publicly, I would think that the expectation of
      > > privacy would transfer over to ones personal tent or pavillion.
      > > Sorry if you wanted to end this topic Mcstagger but I find it a very
      > > good debate.
      > >
      > > -Ali/Alianora Of Prymrose/Ali Fighter Of Ninjas
      > >
      > > --- In wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com
      > > "Joshua J. Hitchcock or Angus
      > > Mc Stagger" <mr_hitchcock@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I was approached with this question last week, and I need it
      > > answered.
      > > > There's a member who has to smoke medical marijuana in order to
      > > take
      > > > their medications. They have a medical marijuana card and a
      > > doctor's
      > > > note. But they're afraid that they or their encampment will be
      > > asked
      > > > to leave the event if they are caught. I couldn't give them a
      > > direct
      > > > answer on this. What is our rule on this issue?
      > > >
      > > > Joshua J. Hitchcock
      > > > or
      > > > Angus Mc Stagger.
      > > >
      > > > "You try making up a good song when you're an illiterate drunkard."
      > > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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