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[West Constables] Re: I need some clarification

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  • Adam
    there are different types of pain in this world, the severe pain caused by injury and the pain caused by conditions and things that cant be helped, lets say i
    Message 1 of 18 , Mar 17, 2007
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      there are different types of pain in this world, the severe pain
      caused by injury and the pain caused by conditions and things that
      cant be helped, lets say i had a chronic pain condition, would that
      mean i shouldn't play at all? my apologies if that sounded rude or
      scathing it was not meant as such, and i am in no way disagreeing with
      the "in the car" idea, but the idea that a person should stop doing
      something that they love.

      --- In wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com, "Glenn Gorsuch" <ggorsuch@...>
      > Ali...
      > When I shattered my heel a few years ago (yes, Abu, Auntie, I know,
      > don't fly!), I made the difficult decision that for a while, *I*
      > be doing that much camping. It's important to remember that what we
      do here
      > is only a PART of our lives (no, it's not *just* a game, but I don't
      > too many folks have died for lack of SCA contact). If I was in
      enough pain
      > that I needed a morphine drip to stay functional, should I be
      camping? I
      > would sincerely hope that if someone had -that- much of a health issue,
      > they'd carefully consider what they should and shouldn't be
      doing...as well
      > as what their attendance means to those around them. I mean, I
      *could* have
      > made it to more events. I wouldn't have been able to set up my own
      > of camp, I wouldn't have been able to help much in the kitchen, and...I
      > wouldn't have been able to do diddly for the Constabulary, as it
      > So I limited my participation until I COULD participate safely and
      > healthily...since in my mind, the SCA isn't a spectator sport. I didn't
      > want to "force" my friends and family to accomodate me, even though
      I knew
      > they would.
      > That said, I do admire those who don't let personal adversity drive them
      > under. I'll gladly take a hand if asked to help push someone's
      > around an event, or help out with getting a pavillion set up. But to
      > paraphrase something that someone I admire once said, "You don't
      have the
      > right to force *your* SCA event on someone else." I shouldn't have
      to deal
      > with someone's marijuana any more than you should be *compelled* to
      sit with
      > me and study early Welsh period cooking techniques and foodstuffs in our
      > camp kitchen (but do stop by if you're interested!).
      > As to the expectation of privacy in one's tent...would that it were
      > it isn't. We camp in a world of nylon and canvas...and those aren't
      > to do a thing to stop smoke from drifting. Especially since, at most
      > events, we're ALL rather close neighbors. Your car is able to be sealed
      > nearly air-tight, and your home has the same capacity...along with space
      > between it and those living near you. Your tent? Not so much.
      It's much
      > the same thing with noises from one's tent. Do you really have the
      > expectation of privacy when you utter those screams of rapturous delight
      > with your partner's prowess, while camping at an event? (yes, I'm
      > Hugh, Kellyn, cue up Silhouettes, please :)).
      > And just to add a little more fuel to the smoking fire...another current
      > court case. Californian woman, with marijuana perscription.
      According to
      > medical testimony, she'll *die* without it. She's been convicted in a
      > FEDERAL court for drug possession...and the case is currently
      working its
      > way up the appeals ladder. And yes, she was IN the State when
      accused. So,
      > please pardon the pun, but remember, at this time, California law is
      NOT the
      > highest in the land...
      > Gwyn
      > On 3/14/07, aliofthealiness <achrutherford@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I just wanted to put in my two cents here. As for the whole "well
      > > maybe you shouldn't be camping" thing, I know alot of people with
      > > their cards who take it for quality of life just as someone who
      > > takes vicodin everyday would. I also understand how some people are
      > > deathly allergic to smoke and I as most smokers I know are courteous
      > > to those around them. While we are not the police and don't "arrest"
      > > people and the law does state with a card you can smoke it your car
      > > or home and not publicly, I would think that the expectation of
      > > privacy would transfer over to ones personal tent or pavillion.
      > > Sorry if you wanted to end this topic Mcstagger but I find it a very
      > > good debate.
      > >
      > > -Ali/Alianora Of Prymrose/Ali Fighter Of Ninjas
      > >
      > > --- In wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com
      > > "Joshua J. Hitchcock or Angus
      > > Mc Stagger" <mr_hitchcock@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I was approached with this question last week, and I need it
      > > answered.
      > > > There's a member who has to smoke medical marijuana in order to
      > > take
      > > > their medications. They have a medical marijuana card and a
      > > doctor's
      > > > note. But they're afraid that they or their encampment will be
      > > asked
      > > > to leave the event if they are caught. I couldn't give them a
      > > direct
      > > > answer on this. What is our rule on this issue?
      > > >
      > > > Joshua J. Hitchcock
      > > > or
      > > > Angus Mc Stagger.
      > > >
      > > > "You try making up a good song when you're an illiterate drunkard."
      > > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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