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Re: [West Constables] Re: I was inspired (don't kill me).

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  • Christophe d'Avignon
    What? You mean you *haven t* had to yet?!?! Christophe
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 23, 2005
      What? You mean you *haven't* had to yet?!?!

      Joshua Hitchcock said:
      > If I have to take all of this stuff home with me. I
      > might have to kill you
      >> On the twelfth Event day, a lady gave to me...
      >> Twelve Pavilion Stakes
      >> Eleven rolls of Duct Tape
      >> Ten Eric Poles
      >> Nine Bits of Garb
      >> Eight Silk Banners
      >> Seven coin belts
      >> Six Circle Cloaks
      >> Four lost Forks
      >> Three pirate hats
      >> Two Chipped mugs
      >> ...And a Belt pouch in a privy.
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