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472Re: [West Constables] OT

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  • Christophe d'Avignon
    Jul 6, 2004
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      What? Al! Are you poaching my successor?! :-P I thought I had a good
      suggestion at Beltane. Talk to Oertha! <chuckle>

      Bethia - You're mine, eh??? Reeeealy... And what does Ivan think about
      this? ;-)


      Susan Burch-Williamson said:
      > uh well uh I have been asked to turn a resume for Kingdom. If they
      > don't choose me i'm yours;-) Bethia
      > Christophe d'Avignon <christophe@...> wrote:
      > Oh, and you're still planning on succeeding me at next Mists Spring
      > Investiture, right? <grin>
      > Christophe
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