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413RE: [West Constables] Beltane

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  • Dan Wagner
    May 4, 2004
      Beltane used to be our biggest event- but now that has moved to March Crown.
      Last year, same event, same site, there was 400 and change. 475? So, yeah,
      this year had good attendance. Al (not to mention others) brought in some
      folks from far off for his PELing.

      Note that both last year and this year there was (for the West) a very high
      % of NM- nearly a third.

      Anything happen Constable-wise after I left?


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      Ok, is it just me or is that a *lot* for a Beltane?


      Dan Wagner said:
      > 632+ attendees.
      > Only one "incident" between friday opening andSaturday @5PM- one person
      > arrived 1AM Friday nite with a german shepherd dog. Was asked to remove
      > dog off site.
      > Wulfy

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