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330Re: [West Constables] RE: March Crown update

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  • wulfy95113
    Mar 12, 2004
      We don't. We are not Police Officers, we can't ask for ID. Those
      SERVING alcohol can & should ask for ID- on the basis of "No ID - no
      booze"- but thay can't do anything else to enforce it. We- that is
      to say SCA inc, or the Kingdom of the West- are NOT (I hope)
      actually 'serving" alcohol- doing so would be a legal nitemare.
      Private parties have very limited legal responsibility, and thus we
      allow them to serve booze- but only if THEY check ID's. Private
      parties could also say "no ID, no entrance". If we, as the KoW- take
      on the responsibilty of checking ID- that means if anything bad
      happens alcohol-wise- then WE are legally respsonsible. As it is- we
      have no legal responsibility. This is why our Legal experts have
      said a resounding NO!! to the idea of *US* issueing "over 21" ID
      bracelets or stamps, etc.

      Sorry, but I'd call the Society Lawyer before I did this.


      --- In wkconstabulary@yahoogroups.com, anastacia <anastacia@a...>
      > Oh no, I'm fine, however, we are in a tough spot ... if they are not
      > carrying id and we think they are under age ... how do we know when
      to call
      > a cop? No ID, no booze???? You don't have to card anyone, just
      would like
      > to put the stopper in the bottle before this season starts.
      > So far you are the only person to have an issue with my post...hum
      > See ys there. Hugs to you too.
      > Auntie
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