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328RE: March Crown update

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  • Christophe d'Avignon
    Mar 11, 2004
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      anastacia said:
      > Pass the word ... If you look under 35 and wish to drink booze of any
      > kind carry ID. The constables and others will be checking for IDs.

      What?!?!?! Ummm... Excuse me?!

      1. Please, please, please tell me this is *not* accurate!!!!

      2. If it is, in fact, accurate (gods forbid!!!!), when did this change
      because, as has been said on this list before:

      3. I did *not* sign up to be a cop! I do *not* want to be a cop! I am
      *not* a cop!!!!!

      I understand that the ruling was that, if a constable becomes aware of
      someone underage drinking, we're required to call the police. But nothing
      was mentioned *ever* about us having to card people.

      A very concerned Christophe

      P.S. This is most definitely *not* any sort of attack on Auntie and I hope
      she doesn't take it as such!!! (Hugs to Auntie!!)
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