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288Re: [West Constables] Fw: Twelfth Night Hotel Reservations

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  • Christophe d'Avignon
    Dec 11, 2003
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      If a reservation isn't made using the SCA price, why do you need to know?
      <scratching my head> I'm just curious why you need to know who all is
      staying at the hotel, even those who aren't using the SCA discount.

      Christophe, the confused

      Euriol said:
      > Sorry for the cross posting, but I wanted to get this information out to
      > as wide a possible audience.
      > Please forward on the information to whom you think will need it.
      > Euriol
      >> Good Gentles,
      >> In order to confirm with the Hotel for Twelfth Night all the
      >> reservations
      > that have been made in connection with
      >> the Twelfth Night being held, I would ask that you please email me or
      >> call
      > me with the names that your hotel
      >> information is under. Just to explain, many reservations have not been
      > made under the SCA discount, but under
      >> other discounts such as offered by AAA or Entertainment cards. It
      >> would
      > save a great amount of time to have
      >> this information in advance, so that less time can be sent going
      >> through
      > the sign-ins at Twelfth Night itself.
      >> My email is euriol@... my home phone number is (408)
      >> 226-5591.
      > Please pass this information on
      >> to gentles that are not on this list.
      >> Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter,
      >> Euriol of Lothian
      >> co-Autocrat, Twelfth Night AS 38
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