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247OT-- help needed

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  • Anastacia Grindstead
    Aug 20, 2003
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      We need to have help getting Nyia's rehab program going....as most of you
      know I went to rehab and got my business start-up now they are asking to use
      my business as a sampling of the market to research for Nyia's business plan
      to be approved. (with no expectations on my part only the red tape)

      I have a regular client base of about 20 I have 6 numbers to give them right
      now and need the rest by Monday at the latest. If you can help Please send
      me your Mundane Name - and email address to auntie@... . Much
      like the letters of intent many of you wrote for me 5 years ago when I
      started with Rehab this survey is along the same lines. I need to give my
      'client list' to Dave at Rehab...He will email my clients to see:

      That you exist.
      That you have or 'plan' to order from me regularly

      (this is touchy) The amount you spend (You can help by saying yes you spend
      about $200.00 to $400.00 bucks every 6 months and 'plan' on doing so again
      this year), you will be ordering again in the future. (again with no
      expectations on my part only the red tape)

      This information will go nowhere other than Rehab.

      Also pass the word to those you know that I sew for as I have no brain


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