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  • Kenneth Flores
    Aug 28, 2013
      I've had 5 people ask me who is CiC for the event in the past week, some
      of them being KHTI members. No one knew who the CiC was.

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      Please be aware that Volker is the CiC for this event. He is still a
      senior constable, isn't he?


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      I'm So glad to hear about y'all being at Ducal. I, unfortunately, will
      not be able to attend. Life and work have me grounded for this weekend.
      Happy, since you checked in first, would you be willing to take point
      and be my representative on site for any constabulary questions. For
      those times you will need to be gone, feel free to tag another constable
      to be "in charge"... very true that this is not an official West Kingdom
      event, it is co-sponcered with KHTI, and is riding on our insurance. I
      have already approved the fire pit plan for a stone fire pit at Cazbah.
      I have gotten conflicting reports on if West Kingdom or KHTI runs gate.
      Last word is that Wolfstan runs it, and he's a long time Senior
      Constable so I would be happy to let him do that. It sounds like he
      knows what he's doing.... I have no desire to get in the way.
      Anyway, I need my constables to just keep an eye on the event, take
      shifts at gate and have fun for me. :) any takers on this mission?

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      > I would like to report in as I could only get this weekend off. I will
      be available for some things but have a wedding I will be helping with
      and attending on Saturday. Also I have a friend that is willing to start
      helping with gate! (WOOT!) I know it is not an "official" SCA event
      though. I would hope to see some of you in Woodland. I am sorry I
      couldn't get to Purg and have heard some good things already and I am
      sad I missed it.
      > Onwards my fellows,
      > Brendan "Happi" Cullaine

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