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2382Re: [West Constables] Re: Gate Change

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  • Jenn
    Apr 25, 2013
      Merchants will be signed in on the regular gate sheet. I address the need for a separate form for merchant fees and checked permits at the Beltane meeting.

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      > Greetings fellow constables.
      > There is a new policy change for gate procedure. We are now checking in all merchants at the gate. There we will be collecting site fee, merchant fee, and checking their permits. This is due to a fun new policy change in the California Department of Equilization. They are now requiring both a general sellers permit as well as a site and date specific sellers permit. Without both if these permits per merchant, we could be find a lot per violation.
      > I will have more details and possibly a hard copy of the policy at Beltane. Currently it is being combed through for legalese. I am willing to have a meeting to train and/or answer questions on it as needed. My regularly scheduled meeting time is Friday night about 10ish at gate. I'll bring smores.
      > Again, thank you each for your dedication and service. You make my job worth it.
      > Your Friendly KingdomConstable,
      > Kalista Kulinova
      > P. S.
      > The non-Californians can ignore this one.. .. aka Oertha and the Far West.

      Does this mean there will be another form, or a separate form, at Gate for the Merchants to fill out??? Or will it be incorporated into the current sign in forms??? And if so, when can we see the new forms???


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