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2360RE: [West Constables] March Crown

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  • Neves, Luis@CDCR
    Mar 15, 2013
      Hi Kalista
      I should there for March Crown , but not sure because of finances.
      No colds , flu , or other illness, or car accidents ( oops I don't want to jinx myself , knocking on wood) :)


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      Subject: [West Constables] March Crown

      Count down to March Crown: 7 days.

      Show of hands on who is going.

      There will be a constable meeting at gate on Friday night at 10pm, with a repeat performance on Saturday morning. I'm thinking either 9am or 2pm, any thoughts?

      Also, weather permitting, there will be a constable yard sale from all the lost and found. It will be set up next to gate.

      Hope to see you there!

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