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2276Revised Gate Sign In Policy

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  • Kenneth Flores
    Jan 9 11:28 AM
      Unto the Populace of the West does the Kingdom Constable send his

      This past six months we have tried a new sign in policy at gate; one
      where members only had to show their cards and hand the Constable money
      and just enter the event without having to sign a form. After review of
      this policy by myself and the Exchequers of the Kingdom it has been
      decided that this system does not give us the capability to properly
      balance the books for the event. Without that capability, and the
      ability to double check figures, it makes the required quarterly reports
      and Doomsday reports much more difficult to make balance.

      From a Constabulary end of things, it makes documenting individuals who
      skip by gate virtually impossible as well as individuals signing their
      member number when their memberships have expired. Records are kept of
      these things, especially when we have repeat offenders.

      With this being said, and a long discussion being had at the Exchequer
      meeting at 12th night, I must announce that we are going back to the
      previous Sign-In Procedure. Everyone will sign the same form as before.
      Members of the society can ignore the waiver portion of the form as it
      does not apply to you. The reason that we will not have separate forms
      for members and non-members is because it becomes a paperwork nightmare
      at gate. Carrying multiple clipboards or having two different forms on
      the same clipboard will not work. Making sure that everyone signs the
      correct form and puts down the correct information is difficult as it
      is; having two forms will make it impossible.

      Ways that you can help the Constabulary with Sign in and make things run

      - Have your membership card or the number memorized. Write
      the number down on the directions you printed to get to the event is a
      good way to have it handy in the car.

      - Write down the "amount paid" on the sign in form. This helps
      us balance the moneybox with the sheets after the event.

      - Print out and complete minor waiver forms prior to coming to
      the event. (if you need a link to the forms, please feel free to e-mail

      - Exact change. Or have checks made out in advanced. The cost
      for the event is in the page, on the website and in most announcements.
      Remember that non-members pay an additional 5 dollar non-member
      surcharge unless they are using the WKWC. Minors who are charged a
      reduced rate do not pay a NMS. The Family Rate is 40 dollars; however
      the NMS still does apply for non-members.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. For more
      information on the Constabulary or becoming a constable, also contact me
      or join the West Kingdom Constabulary Yahoo group. Just search for
      WKConstabulary and you will find it.

      In Service,

      Francisco de Salamanca, OP

      West Constable

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