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2264RE: [West Constables] Lost Child procedures

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  • Nichollas
    Oct 4 1:30 PM
      This is for training and the handbook? I thought it was just public policy,
      I'll put in a whole nickel instead then later. J



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      Subject: RE: [West Constables] Lost Child procedures

      One of the other issues we have had recently is the ever fun game of
      telephone. "We've found them" "No we haven't" "Yes we have, oh wait,
      sorry." This led to some confusion at Purg as well as at October Crown
      when looking for two of the four lost ones. My hopes are that radios as
      well as coordination with the Heralds will sort out that confusion in
      the future.

      Also, when looking for a child or adult. Make sure to get their first
      and last name. Looking for Bob, or Steve, or Catherine... could lead to
      confusion. Mundane name as well as SCA name could help too.

      All of these suggestions are great so far, keep them coming and in a few
      days I'll start putting together a plan to put into the handbook and to
      discuss on the West List.

      Thank you all for your service,


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      Subject: RE: [West Constables] Lost Child procedures

      Hi everyone,

      I think we all agree it's the parents job to make sure they have
      their kid, or have their kid with someone watching them. In my
      as Constables the "policy" should be simple, we apply the same effort
      finding any lost person regardless of age. So that's the public
      we will do all in our power to find lost persons etc etc. Working this
      of situation is easier than it appears and 90% of it is proper
      and training. The rest is IF you have the person power to pull it off,
      I agree calling in guards, chivalry or whomever it takes should never be
      problem, and in all my years I've never had any trouble rounding up
      kinds of volunteers. One key factor is as Constables we should never put
      ourselves in any position that puts us at risk of looking or seeming
      judgmental, so we can't ever say whose fault it is or lay any blame on
      someone going lost, and I believe that kind of thinking dilutes the
      of helping find someone anyhow, so we make sure our people know to
      completely professional and just look for them. Once they are found its
      simple, here's timmy back safe, glad we could help hope you have a nice
      Never here's timmy next time put a leash on him or anything else
      If timmy wanders off again though we could gently say, please duct tape
      to your tent, Kidding kidding LOL But I think you all get my point.

      This may seem like a little overkill but I'm coming from a
      Kingdom that killed Constables off because of a few bad apples not
      their mouths shut about this kind of thing and others (loooooooong
      and also the fact we usually have a gaggle of untrained volunteers who
      sometimes can say the wrong thing when emotions are running high. As far
      what kind of policy to use to get parents to be responsible, there are
      but without tracking or accountability most won't work. The An-Tir
      of keeping under 12 basically babysat seems reasonable. As to when to
      mundane authorities, I think the parent makes that determination. We can
      recommend it to them once we feel we've exhausted all our resources, but
      the parent says they want to call in the mundanes from the very
      beginning we
      have no right to tell them otherwise, just help and volunteer.

      My to coppers worth.

      Good Journey

      Nichollas Keene

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      > 10/3/11 2:19 PM >>>
      My brother and sister constables,

      In the past 2 Kingdom Level events, we have had 4 lost children. All
      of which were found more or less well. But if this continues, we are
      going to have a stressful time on our hands. On one hand, I am quite
      pleased that we are getting a huge influx of kids, pre-teens, and
      teenagers right now. I had over 50 minors on site at Crown which is a
      good sign for the future of our society.

      But our lost child policy needs some work. With a large quantity of
      kids, a few are bound to wander off. Unless we leash them to their
      parents or put some sort of West Kingdom GPS chip into their brains, we
      are going to continue to organize search parties for these kids.

      I'd like to start a discussion here to make a policy that all of us are
      comfortable with and to establish a procedure when dealing with a lost
      child which can be added to the Handbook.

      Let the brainstorming begin.


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