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2255Re: [West Constables] Lost Child procedures

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  • Glenn Gorsuch
    Oct 3 5:00 PM
      I'd like to recommend a first step, but I'm not sure how we'll implement

      We need to remind the populace to come see *us* about lost children. Time
      was (gosh, does EVERYTHING have to remind me how old I am?), people would
      hunt up a Constable, and we'd have an organized hunt (with radios, a central
      point to report back to, etc). People are out of that habit, now, and us
      deciding how we're going to handle it isn't going to get people to come to
      us to use our vast organizational skills.

      And yes, I fully understand that a panicked parent is going to, quite
      literally, want to run in circles, yell, etc, especially with water
      harzards, wilderness, or adult predatory types out there. And I certainly
      don't blame them for that. But this may mean we once again need to mark our
      tents with banners, wear (at least on the belt) our baldrics, and be a
      presence again, rather than those nice people at the Gate who also ghost
      through site at night spotting the rare unattended fire

      And this isn't just a matter of hunting up children who've mislaid
      themselves. How many of us have been in an emergency-vehicle point-chain?
      Or been support staff for the Chiurgeonate? Might be time to bring back
      some old habits...


      PS: And no, of course we're not babysitters, but we HAVE been tasked with
      responsibility for the safety and well-being of those on site, at least
      where hazards are concerned. And the whole point of an Office is a large
      mess of people who've been trained to do something in the same way (the
      "right" way), where just a couple won't do.

      On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 4:18 PM, Daniel Wagner <wulfstand@...>wrote:

      > **
      > Whistles. I hand out whistles to the kids when I do my page school gate
      > class.
      > Next, when I cinc I try and get a couple of the older kids to help out.
      > They often know where the kids are congregating, and also they have the
      > energy to round them up. Trust me, having a couple 15 to 17 yo being on call
      > and helping work gate is very useful.
      > We should also ask the Queen or Princess if we can borrow their Guard. That
      > is a large number of eager and fit volunteers. Also, having the heralds call
      > for the Queens guard does not alarm the populace.
      > Wulfy
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