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2253RE: [West Constables] Lost Child procedures

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  • Kenneth Flores
    Oct 3, 2011
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      Sven, I totally agree that this should be taken to a more public list.
      But I wanted to get the constables thinking about it for a day or two
      before I dropped it onto SCA west and had the conversation flooded with
      300 responses. With maybe a third of them would be on the subject.


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      I actually feel that this conversation should be taken to a more public
      list. Yes I agree, we do need to establish a good set of protocols. With
      that said. The parents are forgetting their kids and what they are doing
      whilst doing their own things. Sites with water and woods are always
      attractive to kids and the parents are the ones that are the most
      responsible. Taking this conversation to a more public list would raise
      awareness that this is becoming a problem again. Let the populace remind
      the parents that letting your kids run wild is unacceptable. We are not
      baby sitters (including Gregor and his lady) and we should not have to
      spend our SCA event time looking for their child. With a little more
      parental supervision the problem would solve it's self. Thoughts?

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