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2250Lost Child procedures

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  • Kenneth Flores
    Oct 3, 2011
      My brother and sister constables,

      In the past 2 Kingdom Level events, we have had 4 lost children. All
      of which were found more or less well. But if this continues, we are
      going to have a stressful time on our hands. On one hand, I am quite
      pleased that we are getting a huge influx of kids, pre-teens, and
      teenagers right now. I had over 50 minors on site at Crown which is a
      good sign for the future of our society.

      But our lost child policy needs some work. With a large quantity of
      kids, a few are bound to wander off. Unless we leash them to their
      parents or put some sort of West Kingdom GPS chip into their brains, we
      are going to continue to organize search parties for these kids.

      I'd like to start a discussion here to make a policy that all of us are
      comfortable with and to establish a procedure when dealing with a lost
      child which can be added to the Handbook.

      Let the brainstorming begin.


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